Planon Accelerator™ is Planon’s best-practice solution which is based on 1,800 implementations worldwide and features pre-defined processes which allow you to benefit from Planon software immediately. It is the fastest and most cost efficient way to implement our standard and integrated business processes in Real Estate, Space and Workplace, Maintenance, Integrated Services and Sustainability Management. Read more about the benefits from Planon Accelerator™ >

Planon Integrated Services Management solution integrates numerous soft services in a web-based solution.

The Planon Integrated Services Management solution supports you in creating operational excellence in delivering both people centric and workplace related support services including catering, cleaning, security, employee services, visitor services, problem and incident management, as well as any other services that are requested by your organisation’s workforce. By registering all services agreements and contracts for both the demand and supply in one central database, you can constantly monitor performance and improve the quality and efficiency of execution. The extensive support of workflows allows you to easily streamline and integrate services processes from multiple disciplines including FM Service Management, IT Service Management and HR Service Management within one integrated solution. By connecting both your customers and your suppliers to this solution, you achieve full chain integration. This ensures excellent control and transparency in service delivery and supports easy implementation of changes in your sourcing strategy.

A single-source-of-the-truth

Structure and maintain data, including:
  • Contracts with your service providers, their costs and expiry dates
  • Service levels with your customers, along with corresponding budgets and actuals
  • Workflows, tradesmen involved, approval settings and communication flows

The standardisation and definition of your services offering is the starting point for professional and integrated services management. Registering your services catalogues, cost centres, budgets, service level agreements with your customers, and supply contracts with providers, allows you to support and monitor operational service delivery processes and associated costs and quality. In addition, Planon Accelerator™ contains preconfigured catalogues and templates to register your external suppliers, internal tradesmen, coordinators and their corresponding areas of responsibility. This allows automated processing and efficient communication with all stakeholders involved. An extensive knowledge base facilitates structured documentation of knowledge and knowhow, making experience easy to share and access for your colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Data in Planon Integrated Services Management solution >

The Planon Integrated Services Management solution allows you to define and maintain your service offerings from multiple disciplines in one structured services catalogue. By using Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) the specific service delivery terms such as cost, quality and delivery times can be defined and registered by customer. To ensure efficient processing and execution of services, the setup of workflows, authorisation procedures, response times, applicable coordinators, internal tradesmen and external providers is provided by this solution. All catalogues and configurations are immediately taken into account when a customer service request is entered. Standard import templates allow fast and secure upload of any type of data including catalogues or supplier data. Key data fields in the Planon Integrated Services Management solution include:

Customer data, such as:
  • Customer type, department, cost centre, contact person, location
  • Employees, contact details, service request authorisations
  • Planon Apps and Planon Self-Service authorisations to allow service access online
Catalogues and SLA data, such as:
  • Services classification, name, type, identification code, status, availability
  • SLA start/end date, customer, cost centre, costs by service, budget
  • Quantity, quality, delivery time and place, terms and conditions
Suppliers and contract data, such as:
  • Supplier name, type, status, contact details, vendor rating criteria
  • Contract start/end date, scope, cost, payment mechanisms, terms and conditions
  • Time to start, time to complete, output specifications, quality requirements
Workflows and approval data, such as:
  • Start to end workflow configuration, full logging of status transitions during execution
  • Approval settings on service types, costs, locations, volumes or a combination
  • Dispatching and communication settings to requesters, coordinators, managers, internal tradesmen or external providers
Budget data, such as:
  • Budget category, type, applicable time period, actual status
  • Budget value, commitments, actual, remaining, history
  • Related services, activities, contracts, cost centres

Ready to use processes

Execute and control processes, including:
  • The timely delivery of customer requests and services
  • Interdisciplinary processes and workflows that include multiple departments and suppliers
  • Outsourcing of services, quality and cost tracking

The Planon Integrated Services Management solution streamlines and supports the planning, execution and monitoring of all services processes that are requested by your organisation. By integrating multiple suppliers and disciplines of FM, IT and HR into unified processes, customers gain a better service at a lower cost. The standard integration of this solution with Planon’s Maintenance Management solution allows you to contract and monitor both building related hard services and people centric soft services in one solution. The solution contains preconfigured processes and workflows for many operational FM and HR services and a standard implementation of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for IT Service Management. Planon Apps, Planon Self-Service and Planon Mobile Field Services ensure an easy, efficient connection for both customers and tradesman with this solution, resulting in a full end-to-end solution for all stakeholders.

Processes in Planon Integrated Services Management solution >

The Planon Integrated Services Management solution supports processes that unify customers and delivery stakeholders in an end-to-end, integrated solution. The unique combination of Smartphone Apps and Self-Service portal for services requesting, the ready to use Planon Accelerator™ processes for real time monitoring, and mobile tools for operational execution, ensures full chain integration that result in efficient processing. By integrating people and workplace centric services from the disciplines of FM, IT and HR in one single solution, you offer your customers a single point of contact for any service request, incident or question. Preconfigured workflows ensure a seamless connection with applicable back offices and specialists. All processes are interconnected, use the same data, and are integrated with other Planon Accelerator™ solutions to maximise the benefits from having an Integrated Workplace Management System.

Integrated Service Desk:
  • Process any service request, incident or question from any discipline from beginning to end, track the incoming call from acceptance, assignment, execution right the way through until it is closed
  • Easily enter new calls, avoid redundant registrations of incidents, use the inbuilt knowledge base for questioning and fast problem solving
  • Automate approvals, internal assignment or external dispatching of work by standardised workflows and monitor service level agreements, costs and quality of execution proactively
FM Service Management and execution:
  • Execute catering, cleaning, waste diposal, security and workplace services request, register costs, time spent, stock control and delivery details
  • Support reservations of facilities, events, travel services, visitor registration, parking and hospitality services
  • Manage access authorisations, security plans, issued keys, locks and their associated locations
IT Service management and execution:
  • ITIL based processes for Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration, and Release Management
  • Easy to use and maintain knowledge base to drive fast problem solving based on shared knowledge and experience
  • Integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that supports all processes, networked assets and visualisations to track impacts with easy search functions for any CMDB component
Monitoring and control:
  • Proactively monitors the execution of any service request or incident according to applicable service level, agreed timelines, costs, and quality
  • Inbuilt alerts that automatically inform you about upcoming or potential escalations, exceeding timeliness or budgets, or excessive backlogs of incidents
  • External notifications that send alerts to relevant email addresses, SMS messages to specific mobile numbers, or even an instant message via your preferred social media platform
Customer feedback and quality control:
  • Give requestors automated feedback by email or web based Planon Self-Service regarding the status of a request, the planned delivery, eventual delays and actual costs
  • Support easy customer feedback on the perceived service, timing and quality when a request or incident is closed
  • Execute objective quality control surveys based on predefined KPIs and easy to use mobile tools

Reporting and management information

View and analyse information, including:
  • Charge-back reports to the corresponding cost centres
  • Performance analysis on Service Level Agreements, the associated costs and budgets
  • Customer satisfaction reports, frequently requested services, most reported incidents

Understanding the performance of your suppliers, your customer satisfaction, actual costs versus agreed budgets, upcoming contract expirations, the number of catering request per department, or the number of IT incidents per month: operational output and management information are both key to identify quality improvements and cost saving opportunities. The Planon Integrated Services Management solution includes an extensive and easy to use report generator to create specific reports. For efficient monitoring and communication with customers and suppliers, the solution includes a wide range of web based dashboards that present real-time management information including SLA performance, SLA escalations, actual workloads, and costs versus budgets.

Reports in Planon Integrated Services Management solution >

The Planon Integrated Services Management solution includes a wide range of standardised and ready to use reports and analysis for different users and stakeholders. The in-built report generator allows users to design and compose specific reports and save them for future use. The solution offers many different drilldown and search functions to report on delivered and planned services, operational performances, contracts, costs, budgets, suppliers, locations and more. Web based dashboards complete this solution with real-time management information that allows managers and executives to analyse performance, recognise trends, and forecast capacity and budgets.

Standard reports:

  • Open requests by customer, closed incidents per month, registered calls per day, incidents by category, costs per month, costs versus budgets
  • Operational work execution reports, orders by supplier or department, impact analysis, work permits, completion analyses, stock reports, financial analyses, charge back reports
  • Report generator to create user defined reports including report design, data fields, calculations, selection criteria, grouping and various of settings
Monitoring reports:

  • Proactive alerts or notifications in case of any risk that service levels are not met or time to complete exceeds preset threshold values
  • Performance analysis and reports of service delivery against agreed contracts, financial impact, bonus or penalty implications
  • Monitor any change in customer demand over time, preferred services, customer satisfaction and feedback
Services Management dashboards:

  • Access web based management dashboards via your browser or any connected mobile device to monitor actual performance
  • View Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) results per month, exceeding SLA’s, services work reported and in progress, workload per month, or work orders per services category
  • Drilldown in dashboards to analyse details, add your specific dashboards and allow access to any relevant stakeholders

Your benefits

  • Single data source that enables standardisation and immediate cost reduction
  • Efficiency in service contracting and execution through continuous performance monitoring
  • Streamlined and integrated processes in one solution resulting in better and faster processing
  • Anytime and anyplace access to services and knowledge
  • Integrated services that increase productivity and that are aligned with your organisation's goals

Your benefits

  • Catalogues and workflows drive standardisation and integration of multidisciplinary processes
  • Single input, multiple uses: SLA’s and workflows immediately apply to any service request
  • Easily maintain your service catalogues and SLA’s based on customer feedback and demand
  • Lifecycle tracking on SLA’s and contracts to support historical analysis and future planning
  • Configurability of data and processes ensures a solution that follows your strategy

Your benefits

  • Reduced costs by increased efficiency in processing and delivery of services
  • One-stop-shopping for customers through multi-disciplinary integration
  • Anytime, anyplace access to services to enable business productivity
  • Continuous monitoring that increases service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Full chain integration that supports flexibility in your sourcing strategy

Your benefits

  • Many ready-to-use standard reports to facilitate all stakeholders
  • Identify cost savings by combined reporting of multiple disciplines
  • Full budget and cost control with real-time dashboards, proactive alerts, and reports
  • Output drives excellent service execution and SLA tracking
  • Compliant reporting and management information that supports strategic decision making

Why Planon software

  • Integrated by design with all other Planon Accelerator™ solutions
  • Supports integrated processes for both professional service providers and internal support organisations
  • Extensive monitoring on contractual agreements and SLA’s, quality control and customer surveys
  • Customer interaction based on the ‘Click-Call-Face’ concept with Planon Apps, Planon Self-Service and Service Desk support
  • Full chain integration with service providers that increases both sourcing flexibility and transparency

Why Planon software

  • Multiple services disciplines including FM, IT and HR combined in one integrated catalogue
  • Flexible SLA definitions to allow deviating terms and conditions by customer
  • Dynamic workflow configuration for approval, communication and execution
  • Extensive monitoring settings for external contracts and Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s)
  • Full logging and audit trail capacity of any change in data, configurations or SLAs

Why Planon software

  • The Integrated Services Management solution is connected to the other solutions in Planon Accelerator™ including Space & Workplace Management and Maintenance Management
  • Multiple disciplines are integrated in one solution and can easily be extended with additional disciplines, services and workflows
  • All stakeholders, including customers, front office coordinators, back office managers, tradesmen, and external providers are interconnected in one single solution
  • Easy and configurable integration with SAP or other financial systems for invoicing processes
  • Simple and intuitive Self-Service portal and Smartphone Apps for customers to enter service request, report incidents or query actual progress

Why Planon software

  • Easy to access operational reporting and graphical management information
  • Flexibility to compose the reports you need
  • Deep dive into dashboards to analyse information in more detail
  • Date and period based reporting supports historical analysis, future planning reports, and output for certain periods of time
  • Reports are generated real-time from data and processes in the Planon Integrated Services Management solution