Integrated Services Management solution

The Planon Integrated Services Management solution supports you in creating operational excellence in delivering both people centric and workplace related support services including catering, cleaning, security, employee services, visitor services, problem and incident management, as well as any other services that are requested by your organisation’s workforce. By registering all services agreements and contracts for both the demand and supply in one central database, you can constantly monitor performance and improve the quality and efficiency of execution. The extensive support of workflows allows you to easily streamline and integrate services processes from multiple disciplines including FM Service Management, IT Service Management and HR Service Management within one integrated solution. By connecting both your customers and your suppliers to this solution, you achieve full chain integration. This ensures excellent control and transparency in service delivery and supports easy implementation of changes in your sourcing strategy.

A single-source-of-the-truth

Structure and maintain data, like

  • Contracts with your service providers, their costs and expiration dates
  • Service levels agreed upon with your customers, the corresponding budgets and actual costs
  • Workflows, tradespersons involved, approval settings and communication flows

The standardization and definition of your services offering is the starting point for professional and integrated services management. Registering your services catalogues, cost centers, budgets, service level agreements with your customers, and supply contracts with providers, allows you to support and monitor operational service delivery processes and associated costs and quality. In addition, Planon Universe contains preconfigured catalogues and templates to register your external suppliers, internal tradesmen, coordinators and all their corresponding areas of responsibility. This allows automated processing and efficient communication with all stakeholders involved. An extensive Knowledge Base facilitates structured documentation of knowledge and knowhow, making them easy to share and easy to access for any colleague, customer or supplier involved.

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Ready to use processes

Execute and control processes, like

  • In-time and in-quality delivery of customer requests and ordered services
  • Interdisciplinary processes and workflows that include multiple departments and suppliers
  • Outsourcing your services and tracking the quality and costs

The Planon Integrated Services Management solution streamlines and supports the planning, execution and monitoring of all services processes that are requested by your organization. By integrating multiple suppliers and disciplines like FM, IT, and HR into unified processes, customers gain a better service for less cost. The standard integration of this solution with Planon’s Maintenance Management solution allows you to contract and monitor both building related hard services and people centric soft services from within one solution. The solution contains preconfigured processes and workflows for many operational FM and HR services and a standard implementation of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for IT Service Management. Planon Apps, Planon Self-Service and Planon Mobile Field Services ensure an easy and efficient connection for both customers and tradesman, resulting in a full end-to-end solution for all stakeholders.

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Reporting and management information

View and analyze information, like

  • Back charge reports for delivered services to the corresponding cost centers
  • Performance analyses on Service Level Agreements, associated costs and budgets
  • Customer satisfaction reports, frequently requested services and most often reported incidents

Understanding the performance of your suppliers, the satisfaction level of customers, actual costs versus agreed budgets, upcoming expirations of contracts, the number of catering requests per department or the number of IT incidents per month: operational output and management information are both key to identify quality improvements and cost saving opportunities. The Planon Integrated Services Management solution includes many standard reports and an extensive and easy to use report generator to create your specific reports. For efficient monitoring and communication with customers and suppliers, Planon’s Integrated Services Management includes a wide range of web based dashboards that present real-time management information like SLA performances, SLA escalations, actual workloads, and costs versus budgets.

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