Planon Accelerator™ is Planon’s best-practice solution that is based on 1,800 implementations worldwide and features pre-defined processes which allow you to immediately benefit from Planon software. It is the quickest and most cost efficient way to implement our standard and integrated business processes in Real Estate Management, Space & Workplace Management, Maintenance Management, Integrated Services Management and Sustainability Management. Learn more about Planon Accelerator™ >

Planon Maintenance Management solution ensures that assets are maintained efficiently and consistently through reactive and planned maintenance programs.

The Planon Maintenance Management solution supports you in keeping your buildings and assets in the required technical and functional condition to support your company’s goals. This solution collects all relevant asset information and maintenance data for all your buildings in one central database, allowing you to eliminate local administrations and increase control on costs, planning and execution of maintenance work. By supporting multiple maintenance processes like reactive-, planned preventive- and just-in-time maintenance, you can continuously improve the cost efficiency and impacts of your maintenance efforts for your organization. The broad support of work execution processes and Health & Safety procedures make this solution highly valuable for owners, tenants, internal maintenance departments, and commercial service providers.

A single-source-of-the-truth

Structure and maintain data, such as
  • Technical assets, their actual location and maintenance condition
  • Maintenance activities needed to keep your assets is in the required condition
  • Costs associated with maintenance, materials needed, and other impacts on budget

Knowing what assets need to be maintained, like HVAC installations, building fabric and production facilities, is an important prerequisite to improve your maintenance efficiency and effectiveness. The assets’ location, age, status, condition and many other attributes determine what maintenance needs to be executed by when and for what costs. Planon Accelerator™ contains preconfigured asset categories and data structures that allow fast import of bulk asset data and maintenance catalogues, including activity costs and schedules. This heavily reduces your implementation and data maintenance effort. Smart and networked assets can even be integrated with Planon SOA Webservices to exchange actual status or condition information real-time with Planon Accelerator™.

Data in Planon Maintenance Management solution >

The Planon Maintenance Management solution registers all relevant asset information, maintenance activity libraries, maintenance documentations, health & safety checklists, and supplier information within a single integrated database. All data is immediately available for all maintenance processes like reactive or preventive maintenance and even process like energy monitoring or CAD integration from other Planon Accelerator™ solutions. This ensures a single registration of data, a guaranteed consistency and lowest effort to maintain data. Standard import templates allow fast and secure upload of existing data. Smart assets and meters like HVAC installations or Building Management Systems can be connected real-time with Planon Accelerator™. Some key data fields in the Planon Maintenance Management solution also include:

Asset data, such as:
  • Asset classification, identification code, building, space
  • Technical attributes, replacement costs, depreciation schemes, documents, work permits
  • Installation date, last maintenance, actual and required condition, health & safety checklist
Maintenance data, such as:
  • Activity classification, type, related budget type, related work orders
  • Maintenance regime, frequency, labor costs, material costs
  • Relevant assets, condition after maintenance, defect list

Contract data, such as:
  • Contract type, code, status, supplier
  • Duration, start date, end date, notice period, costs, payment conditions
  • Buildings, assets, maintenance activities, service levels, time-to-resolve
Budget data, such as:
  • Budget category, type, applicable time period, actual status
  • Budget value, commitments, actual, remaining, history
  • Related assets, activities, contracts, cost centers

Supplier and staff data, such as:
  • Supplier name, address, status, public and employers liability
  • Related contracts, assets, locations
  • Contact persons, contact details, skills, responsibilities and certifications

Ready to use processes

Execute and control processes, such as
  • Reactive-, planned preventive- and just-in-time maintenance
  • Health & safety procedures, stock- and purchase processes and work execution
  • Outsourcing and contracting your maintenance and monitoring performances

The Planon Maintenance Management solution supports all processes that are relevant to budget, plan, execution, monitoring and evaluating any type of maintenance activity on any type of asset. By supporting interconnected processes like Reactive Maintenance, Planned Preventive Maintenance, Condition Monitored Maintenance and Condition Assessment, you can optimize assets’ conditions, increase lifetimes, and save maintenance costs. The standard integration of this solution with Planons Real Estate- and Sustainability Management solution allows you to align your maintenance strategy with your company’s real estate portfolio and sustainability goals. Based on preconfigured workflows, work dispatching processes, and mobile solutions, you are in full control of maintenance execution, including Health & Safety procedures, cost and quality control, and compliance with legislation and law.

Processes in Planon Maintenance Management solution >

The Planon Maintenance Management solution supports processes that solve challenges on different levels of maintenance maturity and complexity. This allows you to align your maintenance strategy with your role and responsibility, your real estate strategy, and corporate sustainability targets. For owned buildings and capital intensive assets you might implement a Just-In-Time maintenance strategy, where for leased buildings and non-business-critical assets a reactive maintenance strategy might apply instead. For high energy consuming assets you might combine your planned preventive maintenance with energy reduction measures to meet sustainability and asset lifecycle targets in one integrated plan. All processes are interconnected, use the same data, and are integrated with other Planon Accelerator™solutions to maximize the benefits from having a true Integrated Workplace Management System.

Reactive Maintenance:
  • Process any incident or non-planned maintenance request from beginning to end, track the incoming call, through acceptance, assignment, execution through closing and reporting
  • Automate internal assignment or external dispatching of work by standardized workflows and monitor service level agreements, costs and quality of execution proactively
  • Analyze the maintenance history of any asset or property regarding interventions, incidents and reactive work, to ultimately reduce failure rates and associated costs
Planned Preventive Maintenance:
  • Create short- and long term maintenance plans based on time-based activities that are linked to your assets and properties
  • Translate your maintenance plans into yearly, quarterly or even monthly operational work order plans that are either executed by your own staff or contracted to providers
  • Track costs, SLA’s and results to constantly align maintenance investments and efforts with your budgets and targets
Condition Monitoring and Assessment:
  • Integrate smart meters and networked assets with Planon Accelerator™ to automatically forecast and execute maintenance activities based on meter readings or threshold values
  • Objectively assess the actual condition of any asset and benchmark it to the required condition
  • Generate maintenance plans that bring your assets back to the required condition, based on assessed defects and the assets’ deterioration curves
Maintenance execution:
  • Collect all maintenance work in one central work order repository to efficiently and effectively plan work, dispatch work to people, teams, or external providers, and monitor and analyze the execution of maintenance work
  • Support the execution of work with Field Services solutions on mobile phones devices to increase processing speed and efficiency in planning, and assure compliance with Health & Safety regulations
  • Connect planning and execution of maintenance work with extensive stock control of materials and spare parts, and integrate with the associated purchase management and financial processes
Project Management:
  • Combine maintenance work into integrated projects to gain maximum value from project synergies
  • Identify project activities, set priorities, view timelines, work breakdown structures, manage deadlines and budgets and facilitate communication with the project team
  • Keep track of all budgets and expenses related to projects across the real estate portfolio and get automatic alerts in case budgets get potentially exceeded

Reporting and management information

View and analyze information, such as
  • Forecasting maintenance costs and balance budget demand with available resources
  • Maintenance history to identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Long-term maintenance budgets to align policy with the company’s strategy

The financial and qualitative impact of changing or postponing maintenance is tremendous. Postponing preventive maintenance will increase reactive maintenance and related costs. Reducing the condition requirements for assets or buildings will decrease both maintenance costs and asset quality. Understanding the impact of these changes is a key prerequisite to align your maintenance strategy with corporate goals, budgets, and legislative requirements. The Planon Maintenance Management solution includes a unique graphical plan board that allows maintenance managers to visualize and analyze these impacts. Simply by dragging & dropping, executives can create different maintenance scenarios, align costs with budgets, analyze impacts on resources, and forecast mid- and long-term maintenance investments. Additionally, graphical KPIs and dashboards, extensive reporting tools, and performance monitoring functions, support maintenance managers to increase cost efficiency and operational excellence in maintenance processes.

Reports in Planon Maintenance Management solution >

The Planon Maintenance Management solution includes a wide range of standardized and ready to use reports and analyses for all different users and stakeholders. The built-in report generator allows users to design and compose their specific output and analyses, and save these for future use. The solution also includes a unique graphical plan board that allows maintenance managers to visualize, analyze and even adjust their maintenance plans. This plan board offers extensive search and drilldown functions to visualize exactly what you need. Web based dashboards complete this solution with real-time management information that allows managers to analyze and optimize their maintenance investments and strategy.

Standard reports, such as:

  • Asset lifecycle and condition reports, maintenance history and forecast, costs and budget reporting, long-term costs analyses, resources analyses, contract expiration reports
  • Operational work execution reports, orders per supplier, impact analyses, work permits, completion analyses, stock reports, financial analyses
  • Report generator to create user defined reports including report design, data fields, calculations, selection criteria, grouping and various of settings
Graphical plan board and dynamic reporting:

  • Drilldown into maintenance plans from different perspectives like timeframe, properties, contracts, asset groups, specific assets, activity types, budgets, provider, or any other combination
  • Interactively adjust your maintenance plans by simply dragging & dropping activities, query activity details and schedules, and immediately view the impact of changes
  • Report your maintenance plan in alphanumerical and graphical reports that support dynamic search criteria, grouping options, and a large number of display options
Maintenance dashboards:

  • Access web based management dashboards with your browser or on any connected mobile device to monitor actual maintenance performances
  • View Service Level Agreements (SLA) results per month, exceeding SLA’s, maintenance work reported and in progress, workload per month, or work orders per maintenance category like planned or reactive
  • Drilldown in dashboards to analyze details, add your specific dashboards and allow access to any relevant stakeholders

Your benefits

  • Single data source that enables standardization and immediate cost reduction
  • Maximized efficiency in maintenance execution and less downtime of business critical assets
  • Proven maintenance compliance and safety by standardized processes and procedures
  • Scenario planning and management information that supports decision making on mid and long-term maintenance strategy
  • Maintenance that is aligned with your overall real estate and sustainability goals

Your benefits

  • Single input, multiple uses: asset and maintenance data is immediately available for all processes in Planon Accelerator™
  • Catalogues and selection lists drive standardization and increase reporting quality
  • Full asset lifecycle support and history tracking to analyze maintenance efficiency
  • Health & Safety compliance by standardized procedures and checklists
  • Configurability of data and processes ensures a solution that follows your strategy

Your benefits

  • Reduced maintenance and replacement costs by integrated planning, efficient execution, and proactive monitoring
  • Fewer and shorter asset downtimes by transferring maintenance from reactive to planned and condition based
  • Proven compliance with Health & Safety regulations and obligatory measures and documentations
  • Maximized flexibility in your outsourcing strategy because of continuous performance monitoring and management information to validate your strategy
  • Increased value and better performance of your assets and buildings resulting in a commercial attractive and sustainable built environment

Your benefits

  • Huge diversity of ready-to-use standard reports that facilitate all stakeholders with relevant information
  • Identify cost savings by combined reporting of multiple maintenance regimes and disciplines
  • Full budget and cost control with real-time dashboards, proactive alerts, and reports
  • Output drives excellent maintenance execution and SLA tracking
  • Compliant reporting and management information that supports strategic decision making

Why Planon software

  • By default integrated with all other Planon Accelerator™ solutions
  • Supports interconnected processes for reactive, planned preventive, and just-in-time maintenance
  • Applicable for maintaining building fabric, technical assets, production assets, fleet and any other asset category
  • Combines budgeting, planning, execution, sourcing and monitoring of maintenance from one integrated solution that connects all stakeholders involved
  • Supports multiple asset and maintenance classifications based on market standards

Why Planon software

  • Multiple asset categories and maintenance disciplines in one integrated solution
  • Extensive SLA functions that support maximized control on outsourced maintenance
  • Knowledge Base function that supports maximized re-use of experience
  • Full logging and audit trail capacity of any change in data and configuration
  • Standard integration with Mobile Field Service applications to asses and validate data

Why Planon software

  • This solution is fully integrated with all other solutions in Planon Accelerator™: Real Estate Management, Space & Workplace Management, Integrated Services Management and Sustainability Management
  • All processes are interconnected, based on established market standards and ready for immediate use
  • Stakeholders like maintenance executives, planners, customers, purchase managers, tradesmen, finance , and external providers are all interconnected in one single solution
  • Easy and configurable integration with SAP and any other financial system
  • Very simple and intuitive to use Self-Service portal and Smartphone Apps that internal or external customers can use to report interventions, malfunctions or maintenance requests

Why Planon software

  • Very easy to access operational reporting and graphical management information
  • Enormous diversity and flexibility in composing exactly the reports and analyses you need
  • Deep dive into dashboards to analyze information in more detail
  • Date and timeframe based reporting supports historical analyses, future planning reports, and output for certain periods of time
  • Reports are generated real-time from data and processes in the Planon Maintenance Management solution