Maintenance Management solution

The Planon Maintenance Management solution supports you in keeping your buildings and assets in the required technical and functional condition to support your company’s goals. This solution collects all relevant asset information and maintenance data for all your buildings in one central database, allowing you to eliminate local administrations and increase control on costs, planning and execution of maintenance work. By supporting multiple maintenance processes like reactive-, planned preventive- and just-in-time maintenance, you can continuously improve the cost efficiency and impacts of your maintenance efforts for your organization. The broad support of work execution processes and Health & Safety procedures make this solution highly valuable for owners, tenants, internal maintenance departments, and commercial service providers.

A single-source-of-the-truth

Structure and maintain data, such as

  • Technical assets, their actual location and maintenance condition
  • Maintenance activities needed to keep your assets is in the required condition
  • Costs associated with maintenance, materials needed, and other impacts on budget

Knowing what assets need to be maintained, like HVAC installations, building fabric and production facilities, is an important prerequisite to improve your maintenance efficiency and effectiveness. The assets’ location, age, status, condition and many other attributes determine what maintenance needs to be executed by when and for what costs. Planon Universe contains preconfigured asset categories and data structures that allow fast import of bulk asset data and maintenance catalogues, including activity costs and schedules. This heavily reduces your implementation and data maintenance effort. Smart and networked assets can even be integrated with Planon SOA Webservices to exchange actual status or condition information real-time with the Planon software.

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Ready to use processes

Execute and control processes, such as

  • Reactive-, planned preventive- and just-in-time maintenance
  • Health & safety procedures, stock- and purchase processes and work execution
  • Outsourcing and contracting your maintenance and monitoring performances

The Planon Maintenance Management solution supports all processes that are relevant to budget, plan, execution, monitoring and evaluating any type of maintenance activity on any type of asset. By supporting interconnected processes like Reactive Maintenance, Planned Preventive Maintenance, Condition Monitored Maintenance and Condition Assessment, you can optimize assets’ conditions, increase lifetimes, and save maintenance costs. The standard integration of this solution with Planons Real Estate- and Sustainability Management solution allows you to align your maintenance strategy with your company’s real estate portfolio and sustainability goals. Based on preconfigured workflows, work dispatching processes, and mobile solutions, you are in full control of maintenance execution, including Health & Safety procedures, cost and quality control, and compliance with legislation and law.

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Reporting and management information

View and analyze information, such as

  • Forecasting maintenance costs and balance budget demand with available resources
  • Maintenance history to identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Long-term maintenance budgets to align policy with the company’s strategy

The financial and qualitative impact of changing or postponing maintenance is tremendous. Postponing preventive maintenance will increase reactive maintenance and related costs. Reducing the condition requirements for assets or buildings will decrease both maintenance costs and asset quality. Understanding the impact of these changes is a key prerequisite to align your maintenance strategy with corporate goals, budgets, and legislative requirements. The Planon Maintenance Management solution includes a unique graphical plan board that allows maintenance managers to visualize and analyze these impacts. Simply by dragging & dropping, executives can create different maintenance scenarios, align costs with budgets, analyze impacts on resources, and forecast mid- and long-term maintenance investments. Additionally, graphical KPIs and dashboards, extensive reporting tools, and performance monitoring functions, support maintenance managers to increase cost efficiency and operational excellence in maintenance processes.

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