Just-in-Time Maintenance

Keep assets in optimal condition

Caring for assets is a very resource intensive endeavor requiring large commitments of time and money. Condition-monitored maintenance allows organizations to perform just-in-time maintenance – pinpointing the exact moment the asset needs servicing, keeping assets in the necessary state of repair and allowing organizations to forgo any unnecessary work.

Planon’s Condition-Monitored Maintenance solution enables organizations to predict future maintenance needs more accurately by including the condition of the assets with the planned preventive maintenance schedule. With Planon, organizations avoid manual monitoring of asset status through the use of smart building technology, which provides a library of intelligent assets that can communicate their condition automatically.

  • Record readings for consumption and operation, using gauges and counters, within specific thresholds.
  • Set the thresholds that will keep your assets in the condition necessary to do business.
  • Forecast maintenance needs based on current and predicted behavior.
  • Follow how assets are trending, monitor their reliability and ensure their compliance with regulations.
  • Plot out future maintenance schedules using graphical interface to ensure workload balance and resource optimization.
  • Link information regarding the condition of assets service to specific contracts ensuring that all relevant information is stored in one, convenient place.
  • “Planon not only enables us to improve and innovate our processes, but also delivers our clients full visibility and transparency on our services, offering them greater performance and reactivity and, ultimately, the best value for their money.”
    – Pascal Milland, Vice President Facilities Management Services, Sodexo

  • “The management reports that we can generate have given us a much better picture of space utilization. Improved visibility into our resource use enables us to plan better, manage work orders more efficiently and to make better use of our time.”
    – Maryanne Keller, Head of Facility Management, Bayer

  • “So, are we happy with Planon? Yes – they can be both proactive and reactive, and I like the fact that I get sensible replies to my questions. They know where I’m coming from; they’re not just a remote software house. And, of course, they’re a sizeable company with a good user base, so there’s backup available for their developments.”
    – Derek Southwell, Database Manager, Cambridge University

  • “Planon’s ability to listen, react and then adapt as our project progressed was second to none. We have now achieved all the objectives that we set at the beginning of the project. The ROI provided to clients is now undeniable, and can be quantified project by project.”
    – Christophe Carlier, Head of Processes Information System Project Management, Exprimm

  • “As a company we now work more efficiently and the fact we can monitor work so closely means no-one is left struggling, as we are able to rearrange and distribute workloads properly. As a result, our workforce is much happier.”
    – David Hambidge, Head of Estates, North Dorset Primary Care Trust

  • “We also appreciated the richness of the range of services offered by Planon.”
    – Pascal Benoit, Chief Procurement Officer and France Procurement, Real Estate & Infrastructure Director, EMEA

  • “Planon’s great strength is that they maintain a good relationship with their customers despite their growth. We still feel that we are a valued customer, and they listen to us.”
    – F. Sijstma, ICT Advisor and Project Leader, Ijsselmeer Hospital’s Foundation

  • “There was no need for extra programming with Planon. All the functionality we required was already in the solution.”
    – P. Verheye, Technical Service Manager, East-Limburg Hospital

  • “Using Planon led to considerable time and cost savings.”
    – F.J. Edelijn, Shell Technology Exploration & Production B.V.