Sustainability Management solution

The Planon Sustainability Management solution allows you to measure and monitor all energy consumption, carbon emissions and costs of your buildings and departments in a structured and standardised way. By registering and importing all impact areas including energy, waste, and commuting data in one central database, you gain access to relevant KPIs that support decision making and compliant reporting. The solution supports sustainability assessments based on standards including BREEAM-In-Use & LEED to validate the green performance of your real estate and organisation. Project management and measurement libraries support the execution of targeted improvements to ultimately save costs, increase your portfolio value and improve your corporate image.

A single-source-of-the-truth

Structure and maintain data, like

  • Energy consumption per building and department, per year per sq ft
  • Corresponding carbon emission per employee and workplace
  • The impact of waste and commuting on your sustainable footprint

Most data about your energy consumption is available already, however in isolated and fragmented sources like spreadsheets, supplier bills, smart meters or energy management systems. Bringing this data together in a well structured and centralized single database allows you to track and analyze consumption patterns, identify excessive energy use, and compare buildings over time. This solution supports initial and periodical import of existing data-sources and easy integrations with smart meters or energy management systems. This ensures a maximized re-use of existing data and a compliant process of registration and reporting. Key in this solution is the use of standardized classifications like impact areas, energy labels and assessment methods and the use of influencing parameters like emission factors, degree days and cost profiles. This makes the final output reliable, consistent, and truly comparable.

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Ready to use processes

Execute and control processes, such as

  • Consistently monitoring and validating energy costs
  • Compliant sustainability reporting to your management and legal entities
  • Assessing your buildings according BREEAM-In-Use or LEED classifications

The Planon Sustainability Management solution supports the full management cycle of monitoring, auditing and acting on all Facility Management and Real Estate related sustainability aspects. Starting with a structured and compliant registration of data, the solution supports a continuous monitoring of consumption, carbon emission and costs of any impact area like energy, gas, waste or commuting. This process alerts excessive consumptions and allows you to identify immediate saving opportunities. Next to monitoring, this solution supports building audits based on standards such as BREEAM-In-Use or LEED. Predefined templates help you to easily run self-assessments and analyze the different individual and aggregated scores. In this solution both monitoring and audits lead to programs, projects and measures that will reduce costs and increase the value of your real estate.

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Reporting and management information

View and analyze information, such as

  • Benchmark consumptions, emissions and costs to identify saving opportunities
  • Report the Return on Investment (ROI) from your improvement projects
  • Analyze your overall buildings’ sustainability performance

Reliable output and comparable KPIs are the basis to ensure a compliant reporting and to identify potential costs and emission reductions. The Planon Sustainability Management solution includes many standard reports to ensure compliance with legislation and corporate reporting. Additionally, the solution includes a unique and full web based graphical dashboard that gives immediate access to sustainability KPIs that show the interrelationship between consumption, carbon emission and costs. This information helps managers to identify reliable saving opportunities, analyze the impact of executed measures, and communicate results throughout the organization.

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