Managed Services

Planon offers services that allow you to outsource the application management of your software solution, which frees up your employees to focus on the core business instead of maintaining the Planon software. We assist with application management services as well as maintenance of customizations. This reduces your IT costs, improves your flexibility, and allows you to take advantage of our knowledge.

What is Managed Services?
Some organizations only need temporary help to update their system; others have a running list of tasks that need to be maintained year-round. Whether you need technical support, functional management, or someone to manage the entire system, Planon Managed Services is the solution. Planon works with you and your company to create a Managed Services package that supports your specific needs.

Why outsource management?
By choosing Planon Managed Services, you take advantage of our specialist knowledge of the software while freeing up your employees to focus on the core business. This guarantees the continuous optimization of your application and you are assured that your Planon environment fully integrates with the needs of your organization.

Planon also offers its clients the ability to choose a secure and scalable Cloud Service, where Planon Universe’s entire technical management is outsourced. View the Cloud Service here.