Planon solutions are very intuitive and easy to use and consistently built. This reduces the need for training effort for end users to an acceptable minimum and allows you to focus on training in processes rather than operating software.  Planon has developed a comprehensive set of standard courses specifically designed for different users and roles within your organization, like back office users, field service engineers, managers, business employees or application managers. E-Learning allows people to develop their Planon knowledge anytime, anyplace, and at their own speed, simply by using the internet. This significantly reduces training costs and increases your flexibility. Our experienced trainers and consultants can even organize customized training sessions or workshops, in house or externally.

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  • “Planon not only enables us to improve and innovate our processes, but also delivers our clients full visibility and transparency on our services, offering them greater performance and reactivity and, ultimately, the best value for their money.”
    – Pascal Milland, Vice President Facilities Management Services, Sodexo

  • “The management reports that we can generate have given us a much better picture of space utilisation. Improved visibility into our resource use enables us to plan better, manage work orders more efficiently and to make better use of our time.”
    – Maryanne Keller, Head of Facility Management, Bayer

  • “Planon’s ability to listen, react and then adapt as our project progressed was second to none. We have now achieved all the objectives that we set at the beginning of the project. The ROI provided to clients is now undeniable, and can be quantified project by project.”
    – Christophe Carlier, Head of Processes Information System Project Management, Exprimm

  • “We also appreciated the richness of the range of services offered by Planon."
    – Pascal Benoit, Chief Procurement Officer and France Procurement, Real Estate & Infrastructure Director, EMEA

  • “Using Planon led to considerable time and cost savings.”
    – F.J. Edelijn, Shell Technology Exploration & Production B.V.

  • “No other system had the same comprehensive functionality and the facility to customise this to meet our requirements.”
    – Richard Newell, Facilities Manager, MBDA Missile Systems