Do you believe that learning how to use a new software is difficult? Thankfully with Planon Universe it isn’t! Besides an intuitive user interface, Planon also provides a complete role-based training offering.

Planon believes that the successful deployment of its software starts with training the people who use it on a daily basis. Therefore our training at Planon – just like with the software – is role-based. The aim here is for users to quickly familiarise themselves with the software, allowing them to work independently with the different solutions.

Planon offers targeted training courses. Classroom training, e-learning or a combination of both; called “blended learning". For certain roles the e-learning courses are appropriate to perform their daily Planon tasks. For the more specialised Planon users, e-learning is an efficient way to learn theories and concepts online, whilst applying them during classroom training.

Planon e-learning

E-learning allows users to access online courses which are aligned to their needs, whenever they need it, enabling users to learn new skills, with minimal time loss due to travelling or associated costs.

Thanks to Planon e-learning, users can continuously expand their knowledge to reflect changing needs over time. This e-learning service ensures that all employees develop the same level of knowledge and routine, resulting in a consistent utilisation of Planon Universe. Planon e-learning services include:

Generic e-learning courses

Get all stakeholders up to speed with basic Planon handlings. Courses such as “Planon Fundamentals” or “Personal Filters” reduce time and training efforts and ensure a common understanding regarding the Planon Universe software.

Solution-specific e-learning courses

Learn the different concepts and processes within a specific Planon solution like the Maintenance Management solution or the Real Estate Management solution. Each solution has its own catalogue with e-learning courses. This allows professional users such as FM and RE specialists to take those courses that are relevant to their job such as Contract Management, Lease Management, Space Allocation, Planned Preventive Maintenance or Stock Management.

Customised e-learning courses

When organisations deviate from the standard Accelerator best practices or implement additional processes, Planon can customise existing e-learning courses or even add new courses to a customer-specific training repository.

Knowledge validation and certification

The Planon e-learning service includes online exams to validate whether participants have understood and absorbed the content of their e-learning course(s).

Managing your e-learning environment

The Planon e-learning service includes a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows managers to create and monitor learning programs. It is also possible to add the Planon e-learning courses into your own Learning Management System.