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Understanding the performance of your suppliers, your customer satisfaction, actual costs versus agreed budgets, upcoming contract expirations , the number of catering request per department or the number of IT incidents per month: operational output and management information are both key to identify quality improvements and cost saving opportunities. The Planon Integrated Services Management solution includes an extensive and easy to use report generator to create specific reports. For efficient monitoring and communication with customers and suppliers, the solution includes a wide range of web based dashboards that present real-time management information including SLA performance, SLA escalations, actual workloads, and costs versus budgets.

Why Planon software

  • Easy to access operational reporting and graphical management information
  • Flexibility to compose the reports you need
  • Deep dive into dashboards to analyse information in more detail
  • Date and period based reporting supports historical analysis, future planning reports, and output for certain periods of time
  • Reports are generated real-time from data and processes in the Planon Integrated Services Management solution

Your benefits

  • Many ready-to-use standard reports to facilitate all stakeholders
  • Identify cost savings by combined reporting of multiple disciplines
  • Full budget and cost control with real-time dashboards, proactive alerts, and reports
  • Output drives excellent service execution and SLA tracking
  • Compliant reporting and management information that supports strategic decision making

The Planon Integrated Services Management solution includes a wide range of standardised and ready to use reports and analysis for different users and stakeholders. The in-built report generator allows users to design and compose specific reports and save them for future use. The solution offers many different drilldown and search functions to report on delivered and planned services, operational performances, contracts, costs, budgets, suppliers, locations and more. Web based dashboards complete this solution with real-time management information that allows managers and executives to analyse performance, recognise trends, and forecast capacity and budgets.

Standard reports:

Standard reports:

  • Open requests by customer, closed incidents per month, registered calls per day, incidents by category, costs per month, costs versus budgets
  • Operational work execution reports, orders by supplier or department, impact analysis, work permits, completion analyses, stock reports, financial analyses, charge back reports
  • Report generator to create user defined reports including report design, data fields, calculations, selection criteria, grouping and various of settings
Monitoring reports:

Monitoring reports:

  • Proactive alerts or notifications in case of any risk that service levels are not met or time to complete exceeds preset threshold values
  • Performance analysis and reports of service delivery against agreed contracts, financial impact, bonus or penalty implications
  • Monitor any change in customer demand over time, preferred services, customer satisfaction and feedback
Services Management dashboards:

Services Management dashboards:

  • Access web based management dashboards via your browser or any connected mobile device to monitor actual performance
  • View Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) results per month, exceeding SLA’s, services work reported and in progress, workload per month, or work orders per services category
  • Drilldown in dashboards to analyse details, add your specific dashboards and allow access to any relevant stakeholders
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