Real Estate Management

Planon Real Estate Management is one of the five solutions in Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS): Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers.

With the Planon Real Estate Management solution you’re in control of your most expensive asset: real estate. By collecting your real estate data in a structured and centralised single-source-of-the-truth you immediately eliminate existing spreadsheets and local administrations. This ensures a reliable quality of data and makes your real estate costs transparent. The solution supports all real estate processes for owners, tenants, users and commercial service providers to maximise the financial, technical and functional performance of real estate, and ensure full compliance and alignment with the organisation’s strategy.

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Discover Planon Real Estate Management

Structure and maintain data

With the Planon Real Estate Management solution, all basic, financial, functional, and technical real estate data and documentation can be registered and maintained within a single integrated database. The solution supports data input and data maintenance with easy-to-use interfaces, data import tools, standardised integrations with AutoCAD® and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Ready to use processes

The Planon Real Estate Management solution delivers full lifecycle support in real estate and ensures efficient and professional execution in both your operational and strategic processes including Portfolio Management, Strategic Space Planning, Transaction Management, Lease Management, Financial Management and Project Management.

Valuable management information

Operational output and management information are crucial for identifying improvements and cost-saving opportunities across your real estate. The Planon Real Estate Management solution includes a web-based information tool that allows you to compose and report portfolio and property Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) easily and intuitively.

What's new

Nyheter 17/09/2020
Stark Group tar hjälp av Planon Universe för efterlevnad av leasingstandarden IFRS 16

Stark Group, som är en av norra Europas största återförsäljare och distributörer av professionellt byggmaterial, har valt Planon Universe for Financial Professionals för att uppfylla efterlevnaden av IFRS 16-standarder. 

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Nyheter 25/06/2020
KPMG och Planon utökar sitt samarbete för att stödja organisationer i digitaliseringen av processer för leasing och fastighetshantering

KPMG och Planon meddelade idag att de ska ta sitt samarbete till nästa nivå genom att underteckna ett partnerskapsavtal. 

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Nyheter 17/06/2020
Planon utvecklar en omfattande uppsättning av 40 användningsfall för en säker och kontrollerad strategi för återgång till arbetsplatsen

Planon-användare kan utnyttja kostnadsfria heltäckande användningsfall som omfattar 9 processkategorier inom en integrerad programvarulösning, för att säkerställa en riskfri återgång till arbetsplatsen. 

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Why Planon?

Why Planon?

  • Integration by default with all other Planon solutions
  • Supports global real estate portfolios with multi language, multi currency, multi measurement and multi time zone functions
  • Offers easy and secure integration with your existing financial and ERP systems including SAP and Oracle
  • Full compliance with global and local lease accounting standards
  • Supports global real estate standards – including IPD, BOMA and CEN – and simultaneous local fine-tuning

Planon Real Estate Management