Space & Workplace Management

Planon Space & Workplace Management is one of the five solutions in Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS): Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers.

The Planon Space & Workplace Management solution supports you in implementing efficient space management and innovative workplace strategies that are aligned with the changing needs of your organisation. Bringing all relevant data like spaces, workplaces, floor areas, CAD drawings, departments and people together in one central database is the first step in professional space management and workplace innovation. In addition, this solution supports a wide range of space and workplace allocation processes for different concepts including fixed, shared, or dynamic space and workplace usage. This allows you to constantly monitor utilisations, increase the efficient use of space, and offer your workforce easy access to meeting rooms and flexible workplaces.

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Discover Planon Space & Workplace Management

Structure and maintain data

With the Planon Space & Workplace Management solution, all basic space, workplace, and asset data can be registered and maintained within a single integrated database. As standardisation is a key prerequisite for efficient space and workplace management, this solution includes ready to use catalogues and standards for space categories, space measurement methods, asset catalogues, CAD drawing standards, and more.

Ready to use processes

The Planon Space & Workplace Management solution supports all processes to plan, allocate, analyse, and change all connections between departments and spaces, people and spaces, assets and spaces, and workplaces and spaces. The solution contains processes that support multiple space and workplace allocation strategies including fixed allocation, shared allocation, or dynamic usage.

Valuable management information

Operational output and management information are both key to identifying improvements and cost-saving opportunities. This solution enables the user to gain better understanding of the current and future occupancy and vacancy of your spaces, the space consumption by department, or the utilisation of flexible workplaces and meeting rooms: operational output and management information are both key to identify improvements and cost saving opportunities.

What's new

Kundfall | 28/07/2021
Fallstudie - Empact Group

Den här fallstudien illustrerar hur tjänsteleverantören Empact Group implementerade Planon för att optimera verksamhetens prestanda och kvalitet. 

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Blogg | 26/07/2021
Hybrida arbetsplatser: Förändring börjar med mätning

I det här blogginlägget utforskar vi några av företagens och organisationernas största utmaningar i genomförandet av en framgångsrik strategi för hybridarbete vad gäller både anställda och arbetsplatser. 

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Nyckelbegrepp | 21/07/2021
Vad är hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation stöder leverantörer av Facility Management service eftersom det leder till effektivare medarbetare, bättre affärsprocesser och ökad kundnöjdhet. 

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Alla nyckelbegrepp
Why Planon

Why Planon

  • By default integrated with all other Planon solutions
  • Supports any combination of fixed, shared, and dynamic use of spaces or workplaces
  • Bi directional and standard integration with AutoCAD®
  • Easy to use Self-Service forms and smartphone Apps to support your core business workforce
  • Supports global space measurement standards including EN 15221-6, NEN 2580, IPD and DIN 277

Planon Space & Workplace Management

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