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Space is in most organisations one of the most scarce and expensive assets. Knowing the function, quality, areas, usage and occupancy of your spaces are the prerequisites to gain efficiency and cost reduction across your portfolio. As space data is relevant for almost all processes in the Planon software, a solid and centralised space-data repository is important and serves many purposes. Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers contains standard data import tools to upload existing space data quickly and securely. The standard and bi directional integration with AutoCAD® ensures the maximised re-use of existing CAD drawings and full graphical capabilities for processes in the Planon Space & Workplace Management solution.

Why Planon software

  • Supports global space measurement standards including EN 15221-6, NEN 2580, IPD and DIN 277
  • Configure your specific or additional asset categories and corresponding data fields
  • Lifecycle tracking of spaces and assets to support historical analyses and future planning
  • Full bi-directional integration with AutoCAD® including automated data synchronisation
  • Configurable SOA web services to integrate with any IT system, workplace technology, or space related technical innovations

Your benefits

  • Single input, multiple use: space, workplace and asset data is available for all processes in Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers
  • Standardisation of space categories and space measurement methods drives transparency and supports space analysis and benchmarking across the portfolio
  • Automated data validation increases consistency and avoids user errors
  • Standard import templates facilitate maximised re use of existing data sources
  • Efficient use of CAD drawings and automated data synchronisations

The Planon Space & Workplace Management solution registers all basic space, workplace, and asset data within a single integrated database. As standardisation is a key prerequisite for efficient space- and workplace management, this solution includes ready to use catalogues and standards for space categories, space measurement methods, asset catalogues, CAD drawing standards, and more. The standard integration with AutoCAD® allows you to connect graphical spaces and assets from your CAD drawings with alphanumerical spaces and assets in the Planon database. Area and other space data is automatically retrieved from these CAD drawings and synchronised with the Planon database. This ensures a maximal re use and consistency of data and efficient use of CAD drawings in any space management process.

Space data, such as:

Space data, such as:

  • Space code, name, category, chargeback tariff, subspaces
  • Gross area, rentable area, net area, area history and future planning
  • Space related department, cost center, assets, personnel, start date, end date, associated costs
Workplace and Asset data, such as:

Workplace and Asset data, such as:

  • Workplace categories and standards, size, supplier, costs, depreciation, documents
  • Asset categories such as inventory, HVAC installations, IT assets, production equipment, facilities
  • Workplace and Asset location, space, unique identification code, lifecycle start and end date
Organisation and Personnel data, such as:

Organisation and Personnel data, such as:

  • Organisational structure, business unit, department cost centre
  • Personnel data, name, job function, department, contact information, start date
  • Spaces and Workplaces in use, start date, end date, associated costs, contracts
CAD integration data, such as:

CAD integration data, such as:

  • AutoCAD® drawings, physical locations, layer structures, related buildings and floors
  • Connection graphical polylines with alphanumerical spaces, area calculation, lifecycle information
  • Connection graphical blocks with alphanumerical assets, departments and cost centres

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