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Understanding the current and future occupancy and vacancy of your spaces, the space consumption by department, or the utilisation of flexible workplaces and meeting rooms: operational output and management information are both key to identify improvements and cost saving opportunities. The Planon Space & Workplace Management solution includes an extensive and easy to use report-generator to create your specific reports. The inbuilt CAD viewer supports visualisation of any kind of space or occupancy analysis. When using AutoCAD®, these space analyses can even be executed from within any AutoCAD® drawing that is connected with this solution.

Why Planon software

  • Easy to access operational reporting and graphical management information
  • Diversity and flexibility in composing exactly the space and workplace analysis you need
  • In-built CAD viewer allows easy and broad access to graphical space mapping and CAD drawings
  • Date and period based reporting supports historical space analysis, future occupancy and vacancy reports, and workplace utilisation analysis for specific periods of time
  • Reports are generated real-time from data and processes in the Planon Space & Workplace Management solution

Your benefits

  • Numerous ready-to-use standard reports
  • Space occupancy analysis creates transparency across your portfolio and allows benchmarking
  • Graphical visualisations and analysis supports scenario planning and decision making
  • Occupancy analysis of meeting rooms helps you to increase the effective use of meeting spaces
  • Workplace utilisation analysis allows you to improve workplace efficiency and align workplace concepts with demand

The Planon Space & Workplace Management solution includes a wide range of search options and drilldown functions to analyse and report on all relevant aspects of spaces and workplaces, including standardised and ready to use reports for all different stakeholders. The in-built report generator allows users to design and compose their own specific reports, and save these for future use. The solution also includes a graphical CAD viewer that supports space planners and occupants to visualise space utilisation and occupancy from many perspectives. Web based dashboards complete this solution with real-time management information to analyse and optimise the use of dynamic spaces such as meeting rooms and flexible workplaces.

Space occupancy analysis:

Space occupancy analysis:

  • Drilldown and search spaces from different perspectives including property, floor, space category, department, cost centre, or a combination
  • Report floor areas per building, by department, or by space category, report space occupancy and vacancy on reference dates
  • Run predefined reports for occupancy charge back, accommodation planning, and space analyses
Workplaces and meeting room analyses:

Workplaces and meeting room analyses:

  • View meeting room utilisation and occupancy by month, week or day, analyse the number of reservations by department, evaluate no shows, and generate chargeback reports
  • Analyse workplace utilisation, identify favourite workplaces, analyse peek times, and report occupancy KPIs per department
  • Comprehensive report generator to create user defined reports including report design, data fields, calculations, selection criteria, grouping and various of settings
Graphical space visualisation:

Graphical space visualisation:

  • Create real time coloured space mapping with the in-built CAD viewer to visualise departments, cost centres, free spaces, space categories, workplaces, employees, or a specific query
  • Set different reference dates to visualise space mappings during time, insert dynamic legends that display totals and counts
  • Use your AutoCAD® software to create space mappings directly within the AutoCAD® drawing file

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