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The Planon Sustainability Management solution supports the full management cycle of monitoring, auditing and acting on all Facility Management and Real Estate related sustainability aspects. Starting with a structured and compliant registration of data, the solution supports the continuous monitoring of consumption, carbon emissions and costs of impact areas including energy, gas, waste or commuting. This process alerts you to excessive consumption and allows you to discover immediate saving opportunities. Next to monitoring, this solution supports building audits based on standards such as BREEAM-In-Use & LEED. Predefined templates help you to easily run self-assessments and analyse the different individual and aggregated scores. In this solution both monitoring and audits lead to programmes, projects and measures to ultimately reduce costs and increase the value of your real estate.

Why Planon software

  • The Sustainability Management solution is fully integrated with all other solutions in Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers: Real Estate Management, Space & Workplace Management, Asset & Maintenance Management and Integrated Services Management
  • Processes are interconnected and supported through a step-by-step implementation by focussing on quick wins in your sustainability targets
  • Alert and notifications support immediate action whenever energy consumption, carbon emissions, costs, or other threshold values are exceeded
  • The solution combines all building, asset and departmental related sustainability processes in a single solution and takes maximum advantage of existing data sources and systems
  • By linking monitoring, audits and improvement processes, you create a continuous cycle of improvement and savings, based on widely accepted standards

Your benefits

  • Reduced energy costs through transparency, opportunity identification and automated bill validation
  • Processes that comply with legislation in terms of documentation, control and reporting
  • Full visibility of the sustainable impact by supporting all sustainable impact areas and presenting the connection between consumption, emissions and costs
  • An improved corporate image through greener buildings
  • Measurable contribution to corporate sustainability targets and corporate reporting

The Planon Sustainability Management solution contains process that allow you to measure the sustainability profile of your buildings and processes in a controlled manner, improving them where possible, and continually monitoring them. By linking these three functionalities, you can create a continuous cycle of improvement and savings, based on widely accepted standards such as CDP, GRI, BREEAM or LEED. All processes are interconnected, use the same data, and are integrated with other Planon solutions to maximise the benefits from having an Integrated Workplace Management Solution.



  • Visualise peak consumption, discover saving opportunities in relation to fixed charges, and make optimum use of proactive functionalities which automatically warn you of unusual meter readings
  • Easily check for simultaneous use of cooling and heating and eliminate any associated energy waste
  • Calculate your CO2 emissions on the basis of accepted market standards and report this in easy-to-read dashboards and KPIs


  • Use accepted market standards including BREEAM & LEED or implement your own specific sustainability classification to assess the performance of your portfolio
  • Execute your own internal audits easily and effectively, manage the process, analyse the results, and identify value improvements where possible
  • Translate the audit results into programs, projects and improvements on the basis of well-documented knowledge and experience
Programs, projects and actions:

Programs, projects and actions:

  • Monitor and manage your sustainability projects and improvement measures on the basis of accepted parameters including time, quality and budget
  • Analyse the results and compare return on investment with targeted reduction goals for energy consumption, CO2 emissions, costs or other relevant target metrics
  • Link projects, measurements and actions in your Planon Solution to meters and installations in your buildings so that you can analyse, report, and continue to monitor the effects in detail

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