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Discover how Planon’s real estate and facility management software can simplify your business processes and reduce costs for your organisation. These brochures range from our corporate overview to specific add-on functionality.

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Brochures | 04/09/2019
Brochure - Planon Connect for Analytics

View this brochure on Planon Connect for Analytics to learn more about how Planon connects with BI and analytics tools for making informed decisions and predicting the future. 

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Brochures | 01/01/2019
Brochure - Planon corporate brochure

A leading global software supplier, Planon helps organisations to streamline business processes for buildings, people and workplaces. Planon’s innovative solutions are proven to deliver improved efficiency and cost reduction. 

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Brochures | 14/11/2017
Brochure - Planon Universe for Service Providers

Planon Universe for Service Providers accelerates your business with targeted software that makes service offering, planning, execution, monitoring and billing more efficient, scalable and transparent with extensive process automation and seamless integration. 

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Brochures | 13/11/2017
Brochure - Planon Universe for Financial Professionals

Since January 2019, organisations must comply with new lease accounting regulations from FASB and IASB. Get compliant now with Planon Universe for Financial Professionals. 

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Brochures | 12/11/2017
Brochure - Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers

Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers is an innovative Integrated Workplace Management (IWMS) platform that unifies all stakeholders in a continuous improvement process to achieve the optimum in workplace performance. Be it a single desk or a complex environment of connected buildings scattered around the globe. 

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Brochures | 11/11/2017
Brochure - Planon Mobile Field Services

In today’s business climate the speed and quality of end-to-end service processing is key, ‘time is money’, not just in task execution but also in administrative and financial processing. Planon’s Mobile Field Services Solution helps you meet these challenges by rapidly and securely providing your field service team with solutions they can use on any mobile device. 

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Brochures | 10/11/2017
Brochure - Planon Apps

Planon Apps enable employees to easily search for available workstations with their smartphones. Planon Apps utilises smartphone strengths such as location awareness and the built-in digital camera. This creates an end-to-end solution that enables process innovation and customer value. 

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Brochures | 07/11/2017
Brochure - Planon Management Information

With the need for cost efficiency and agility in real estate and Facility Management processes the importance of accurate management information is increasing. The added value of Planon’s software is the delivery of quality management information. 

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Brochures | 05/11/2017
Brochure - Planon Lifecycle Services

Planon offers a series of services that unburden organisations during the full solution lifecycle. With these services, Planon brings the required experience, knowledge and continuity to aim for the optimum in utilising your Planon solution. 

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Brochures | 03/11/2017
Brochure - Planon Meeting Management

Planon Meeting Management offers an integrated meeting management process with solutions for all stakeholders like employees, students, service desk operators, event managers and service delivery staff. This integrated approach provides extensive management information – including occupancy analysis and internal charge backs – enabling process improvements and increased efficiency. 

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Brochures | 01/11/2017
Brochure - Planon Implementation Services

A structured and well supported implementation is essential for the successful lifecycle of any software solution. Planon brings essential knowledge and experience to help organisations effectively implement the Planon software. 

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Brochures | 27/10/2015
Brochure - Agile Workplace Management

Planon's Agile Workplace Management software allows employees and facility professions to have an overview of available workspaces and manage meeting rooms. 

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