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Easily link person records to user accounts for extra convenience

About Automatic User Account Creation

This set of multiple business rules offers additional functionality for application managers by linking person records to user accounts:

  • When a person record is created, an account is automatically added and linked to that person record. The account is linked to the configured account group.
  • When the end date of the person record is updated, the end date of the account is automatically updated too. If the end date is in the past, the account is deactivated.
  • If the end date is in the past, the account is deactivated and automatically disconnected from the person and the account group.

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IWMS & CAFM Planon Global Free

Key features

  • Creation of a new user account when a new person record is created.
  • Automatic update of the user account end date based on the end date for the person record or the status of the person record.
  • Automatic disconnection of a user account from a person record and account group if the end date of the user account is in the past.


  • Planon L72 or higher.
  • There is no need to agree a separate SLA for this app.

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