About Axonize

Connecting data is key, and that is exactly what Axonize is focused on. As an agnostic platform, it places no limitations on using different sensor data – from different brands, types and vendors of sensors – for a single purpose: to create smarter buildings.

By integrating all-round IoT readings into the Planon facility management system, a broad spectrum of real-time data can be linked to in-building assets, spaces and rooms to improve the efficiency of building utilization.

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Data & Analytics, IoT
Smart Buildings
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Key features

  • Agnostic all-in-one platform for IoT devices
  • Unified data structure based on integrated hardware and software systems
  • Enables data-driven facility management with access to millions of data sources

Connecting all sorts of useful real-time data into Planon using Axonize as your single smart building IoT platform puts all the data at your fingertips.      

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About Axonize

Axonize is uniquely designed to transform buildings and offices into smart spaces quickly. We provide customers with an end-to-end solution to manage a wide array of legacy and new software, devices and sensors. With Axonize’s no-code, smart enterprise platform businesses operate more efficiently, resulting in significant cost reductions, and enhanced well-being.

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