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For efficient onboarding or updating of locations, spaces and assets

About BoardOnn

BoardOnn is your solution for efficiently onboarding or updating locations, spaces and assets. Create data templates to gather exactly the data you need.
Use QR scanning, speech-to-text and OCR features to easily register key characteristics and make cleaning and maintenance processes more efficient and intelligent.

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Asset & Maintenance, Smart Buildings, Building Sustainability, Service Providers AddOnn Global Paid

Key features

  • More efficient onboarding (less time, fewer errors)
  • Efficient compliance check (e.g. #assets agreed/registered vs #assets found)
  • Direct link to follow-up information (e.g. maintenance plans)
  • Create preconditions for optimised process execution
  • Efficient handling of work (location, surroundings, related assets, etc.)
  • Improve ‘first time right’ performance
  • Data-driven/predictive actions
  • Use of new technologies such as VR/AI



To use and integrate this app with your Planon solution(s), you need to purchase both BoardOnn and the connector Planon Connect for BoardOnn. Please get in contact with your accountmanager at Planon to purchase Planon Connect for BoardOnn, or use the Contact button above for more information.

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    About AddOnn

    AddOnn, a Dutch start-up founded in 2019, develops SaaS solutions as add-ons to existing software platforms, combining state of the art technologies with extensive business knowledge. In developing these SaaS solutions, AddOnn focuses on identifying potential process changes and new business propositions based on new technological possibilities.

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