About Building Circularity Index

Making circularity measurable to create awareness among stakeholders and broader society. Made possible by Alba Concept’s BCI calculation and Planon’s facility management system.

BCI stands for the Building Circularity Index. It is a scientific measuring instrument to determine the circular potential of a new or existing building. BCI Building brings together various recognised measurement methods for environmental impact and circularity in one integrated tool.

Whereas other measuring instruments mainly focus on the use of raw materials and resources in a building as a whole, the BCI also provides insight into different parts of a building individually.

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Building Sustainability
Real Estate Management
BCI Gebouw Netherlands Paid

Key features

  • Making circularity measurable
  • Materials passport
  • Baseline circularity measurement of building and design
  • Optimising circular design
  • Databse of circular products and materials


The dashboard gives an overview of BCI calculations, resulting in the BCI score and circular potential  A visualization of the database and the products that are included in the BCI tool  An overview of the results from BCI calculations 

Version of the app:


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Email: info@bcigebouw.nl
Phone: 085 782 53 16


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