Datarotonde Service Requests App: Digital communication with providers

About Datarotonde Service Request Communication App

This app digitally communicates your service requests to your providers through Datarotonde

Datarotonde is a trusted partner for connected digital communication, providing a connected ecosystem of applications and organisations.

Service requests are delivered directlyto your service provider’s system. Digital, automatic, secure, immediate and up-to-date feedbackon the status.

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Digital Communication, Service Providers Datarotonde The Netherlands Paid

Key features

  • Service requests delivered to service provider
  • Feedback on status from service provider
  • Significant reduction in manual work thanks to automation
  • Fewer errors
  • Improved customer experience

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About Datarotonde

Service requests delivered directly to your service provider’s system. Digital, automatically, secure, immediate and up-to-date feedback on the status. Datarotonde is the trusted partner for digital communication. Datarotonde connects and integrates over 100 applications and 200 organizations. Get Connected!

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