Permanent pest trap monitoring for reliable and efficient pest control

About eMitter

Pest control is one of the operational responsibilities of a facility manager. In most cases, pest control involves a lot of manual and time-consuming activities, including checking traps.

eMitter and Planon offer a fully digitalized pest control solution for facility managers. Using eMitter IoT pest control devices in combination with Planon’s work order system improves the efficiency and effectiveness of pest control.

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Key features

  • Reduce workload
  • 24/7 pest control
  • Non-toxic and efficient traps

Version of the app



To use and integrate this app with your Planon solution(s), you need to purchase both Emitter and the connector Planon Connect for Emitter. Please get in contact with your accountmanager at Planon to purchase Planon Connect for Emitter, or use the Contact button above for more information.

About eMitter

eMitter eliminates the daily manual inspection of all your traps. Instead, the bait stations are connected to a server by radio. The traps, in combination with the eMitter controller, facilitate permanent monitoring i.e. as soon as a pest enters the trap, the person responsible is informed via email or app. The triggered trap can then be reset.

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