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Mobile assessments, observations and digital forms for compliance

About Mobiess

Insight from Mobiess is an advanced mobile app and digital form design tool integrated into Planon. This comprehensive solution helps organisations to stay compliant with regulatory legislation, industry best practices and internal policies by creating and completing custom assessments and observations across properties, spaces and assets.

Insight’s powerful questionnaire engine supports complex auditing requirements with a wide range of response types and controls, and is compatible with Planon’s follow-up actions, topics and scoring.

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Key features

  • Pay-as-you go pricing

    • SaaS-based pricing for mobile assessments – per user, per device or volume-based
  • Configurable assessment templates

    • Ability to design and build complex templates for assessments and questionnaires
    • Supports a wide range of controls and templates in addition to the Planon observations
    • Support for organisation-specific custom requirements and workflows
    • Possible to incorporate Planon data in mobile assessments and templates (properties, spaces and assets)
  • Create and store high-quality outputs such as documents/certificates

    • Generate high-quality outputs in PDF, Microsoft Word or PPT format
  • Key benefits

    • Live integration into Planon allows focus on optimising assessment templates and outputs rather than complex integration or configuration
    • Opportunity to optimise and innovate management of asset portfolio, decision-making and goal-setting
    • Dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android with full offline support for storage of assessments
  • Integration into Planon

    • Data is synchronised with Planon from the mobile app and Mobiess platform
    • Types of synchronised data include assessments and checklists, observations, follow-up actions, topics and scoring



    iOS 10+ or Android 7+

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        About Mobiess

        Insight from Mobiess is an advanced mobile app and digital form design solution for compliance, assessments and observations. Its powerful questionnaire engine supports a range of response types; text, dropdown lists, checkboxes, photographs and more.

        When integrated with Planon Assessments, Insight provides a comprehensive risk management solution.

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