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MCS IoT solutions streamline everyday processes by making complex technology simple and accessible. MCS enables building occupiers to respond faster to irregularities and makes business processes more efficient. The Managed IoT solution combined with private IoT networks provides a fully connected world. When integrated with Planon Universe, the IoT devices use the measurable data they gather to provide new and valuable insights that improve and optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of buildings, rooms and workplaces.

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Data & Analytics, IoT, 
Smart Buildings
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Key features

  • Great supply of various IoT devices from A-brand manufacturers
  • 24/7 IoT platforms
  • Options for private IoT networks
  • Fully connected API exchange between MCS and Planon


Visualization of the dashboard that can be generated in Planon based on the IoT values provided by MCS  Occupancy analytics provided by the MCS sensors, used in Planon to determine total occupancy across the rooms  For each measurement point defined in Planon, it is possible to evaluate the overall performance per day/hour/month/year Description: Since 1997, MCS has been an expert in Managed IoT devices and customised Private Networks

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About MCS

Making complex technology simple. That is MCS’ mission. Since 1997, MCS has been an expert in Managed IoT devices and customised Private Networks (GSM/LTE/5G/LoRaWAN). By working together with carefully selected partners, MCS supports them in setting up and delivering successful Managed IoT solutions and Private Networks.

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