Supporting the optimal strategy for real estate organisations


REALMAP combines the real estate and financial aspects and uses smart algorithms to translate the chosen strategy into the financial and/or social outcomes. As a result, it is also an excellent boardroom tool. The unique and powerful optimisation function makes it possible for real estate investors and housing corporations to choose the optimal strategy, taking the financial and non-financial ratios into consideration. REALMAP is therefore a complementary and valuable addition to all existing software solutions.

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Key features

  • Enables modelling of strategic compositions on the basis of thousands of building properties of rentable units.
  • Predicts and analyses thousands of scenarios to present various strategic alternatives on a building property basis.
  • The optimisation function chooses the best strategy for each property, taking the set preconditions into account.
  • Integrated asset, portfolio and liability management.
  • The built-in treasury function translates the user’s financing needs into the future composition of the loan portfolio.
  • Shows the development of the balance sheet values, operating performance and cash flow over time, including relevant KPIs.
  • Easy to connect with any other software system.
  • REALMAP is a web-based and real-time solution.
  • Offered in licence, as SaaS or as a managed service.




    REALMAP (Real Estate Asset and Liability Management Application) makes it is possible with smart algorithms to create different strategic scenarios that help with decision making within the asset and liability portfolio of various types of housing organisations. Set social or commercial goals and get a clear overview on how to realise them.

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