About Relogix

Relogix sensors anonymously collect accurate and objective real-time data about workspace usage, resulting in a holistic view of workspaces – from buildings and floors to rooms and desks.

Combining the Relogix sensor solution with Planon facility management software enables you to manage and utilize workspaces in the most effective and cost-efficient way while maintaining a healthy workplace environment.

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Data & Analytics, IoT
Smart Buildings
Relogix Global Paid

Key features

  • 99.7% data accuracy
  • No hard wiring and no internal networking required
  • Attachable to desks or ceilings using peel-and-stick adhesive strips
  • Installed and ready to collect data in less than an hour
  • No ongoing maintenance required
  • A four-year, battery-powered lifespan


There are three different Relogix sensors available for monitoring seat level occupancy and counting people  Utilize the occupancy data provided by Relogix in order to create valuable Planon reports, which provide average hour-to-hour occupancy rates  It is also possible to match the occupancy rates with reservations to measure how often workspaces or rooms are utilized without a reservation  

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