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Thanks to smart occupancy sensors in combination with AI technology, the UbiqiSense smart office solution enables occupancy analytics, people counting, people traffic monitoring and heat maps.

The UbiqiSense smart office solution is fully integrated with Planon to analyse real-time occupancy data in combination with building-related aspects such as rooms, desks and other areas in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of space utilization.

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Data & Analytics, IoT
Smart Buildings
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Key features

  • Smart sensor solutions
    • UBICount: People & object counting
    • UBIMotion: Intelligent motion sensing
    • UBITrace: Footfall analysis & traffic flow
    • UBISpace: Location heat maps & coordinates
    • UBIPosture: Posture of each person
  • Ease of installation
  • High accuracy and granularity

The smart UbiqiSense sensors are almost unnoticeable in spaces. The usage of multiple sensors is recommended in larger spaces. Areas can also be stitched together  The smart sensors are displayed in the UbiqiSense dashboard in real time, providing direct insight into occupancy analytics  The occupancy analytics are interpreted in Planon and assigned to rooms and locations. This enables visualization of the effective use of rooms in percentages and ‘no-shows’ on reservations 


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About UbiqiSense

UbiqiSense is an award-winning provider of disruptive sensing solutions for smart buildings/cities and retail. See to-the-minute insights into the usage patterns of your meeting rooms, offices, and modern workplace environments. Our analytics platform gives you the insights you need to increase comfort and productivity amongst your employees.

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