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The VergeSense sensor data can be utilised for solving several customer challenges, ranging from agile workplace designs, portfolio optimisation and smart cleaning to enhancing the employee experience.

Combine VergeSense smart building sensors with Planon facility management software to manage your space utilisation based on real-time data. Timestamped occupancy data reveals occupancy patterns that can be used to further improve the utilisation and assignment of spaces.

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Data & Analytics, IoT
Smart Buildings
VergeSense Global Paid

Key features

  • Monitoring occupancy
  • Turning data in actionable insights
  • Agile seating


An example of how VergeSense data readings are utilized in the Planon solution. Occupancy data indicates the availability of a room for reservations  When integrated with Power BI, VergeSense data can be utilized to provide even more up-to-date occupancy reports  The VergeSense AI-powered sensor can be installed on the ceiling unnoticeably to gather data about the occupancy of buildings, seating areas, conference rooms and even individual desks 


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About VergeSense

VergeSense is the leading Workplace Analytics Solution. Businesses use VergeSense to transform static offices into dynamic workplaces. Its AI-driven platform contains sensors that collect real-time data and insights to optimize strategy. VergeSense has integration partnerships with leading workplace technology providers for the best experience.

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