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Gain insight into all the assets and state of use for your buildings

About Measuremen

Understand the number of assets in your portfolio. A Workplace Asset Inventory provides you with a workable, well-organised list of the assets and the state of use that are in your buildings.

An asset inventory is the first step to optimise your workplace. It provides you a workable, well-organised list of inventory elements that are in use in your buildings. A Workplace Asset Inventory is invaluable when formulating a long-term investment plan or implementing a circular strategy in the workplace environment.

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Key features

  • Online overview
  • Maximise lifetime
  • Perform quality checks
  • Supports circular economy
  • Stored in any format



    • A Measuremen Observer needs to do in-house measuring

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        About Measuremen

        For over 15 years now, Measuremen’s mission has been to improve working life worldwide. Measuremen does this by creating insights into the actual use and performance of workplaces. By providing decision-making data, Measuremen contributes to better-performing workplaces, positively impacting the quality of both work and life.

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