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Case Study - DELA

DELA, founded in 1937 in The Netherlands, takes care of the insurance and the counseling of funerals. The Belgium organization started in 1989 in Antwerp. Since then, DELA Belgium continuously expanded their business and became the market leader in funeral insurance and counseling. Their real estate portfolio currently consists of 235 properties. The previous way of managing their real estate, contracts and fleet was not professional enough for DELA, so they decided to select a professional software solution.

“We really wanted to enhance our real estate and contract management processes, because they contained a lot of manual actions. That was very error sensitive and it was hard to access reliable management information,” states Evelien Puttenaers, Head of DELA´s CRE Administration.

As the real estate portfolio is closely related to DELA´s core business, mature management on the financial performance is critical and impacts DELA’s balance sheet directly. That put extra emphasis on the need for a quality solution.

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