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On this page we keep you up-to-date with new innovations in the Planon Universe platform, which combines innovative software with proven best-practices and professional services.


Property Scorecard

In our Real Estate Management solution, a new KPI based Property Scorecard is available. This new KPI report gives you a complete and accurate 360 degrees view on your real estate performance. It allows you to analyse and identify potential improvements in your portfolio, and act on them.


Planon Connect for BIM

In our Space & Workplace Management solution, a new standard BIM integration is available. Planon Connect for BIM is a new solution that provides a bidirectional data exchange of spaces and assets between BIM and the Planon Universe platform. The solution primarily focuses on Autodesk Revit, a market leading BIM technology for architects, engineers and contractors.


Sensor Integration

In our Space & Workplace Management solution, a new Sensor Integration is available to measure real time occupancy of workspaces and meeting rooms. This allows you to improve the use of meeting rooms and workspaces immediately and helps reducing no-shows and associated cost. Combined with our easy to use kiosk solution, room booking panels or apps, it supports office users to find and book a meeting room on the fly.


Resource Planner

In our Maintenance Management solution, a new Resource Planner is available. This graphical planning tool can be used to easily allocate people for execution to regular work orders and planned maintenance orders, resulting in balanced workloads and better performance.