Explicit focus on experience, made possible by implicit technologies

Walking around the CeBIT 2015 conference and exhibition floor in Hannover, I see clearly two worlds coming together. Let me give you some insights in to my thoughts…

White Paper - What is the added value of the Internet of Things for Real Estate and Facility Management?

The 'Internet of Things' is probably one of the most discussed phenomena these days. What is the added value of IoT for Real Estate and Facility Management?

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One world is about technology, with impressive opportunities in the domain of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Mobilisation, Security, Industry 4.0 and many more. CEOs, CTOs and VPs Research & Development are presenting their vision on how these trends and techniques are conquering the world of consumers. And I have to admit, it is awesome. You can hardly imagine what is possible nowadays and what will be possible in the near future.

The other world is the world of guests and customers, who are also consumers in their non-working life. They are already influenced by these technologies as consumers and this trend will exponentially influence their working life too in the coming era. It is already increasing their demand in hospitality, work environment and the state of your facilities and that demand will keep on growing in the near future.

Most technologies are hidden away behind the scenes and present themselves only when they’re useful to you. For example, as a consumer you are hardly aware that when you are moving lines in a shop you are tracked by multiple technologies (beacons, sensors, wifi signal tracking, etc.). This data is captured and used by large B2C companies who build entire product market strategies around you. A weekly personal buying suggestions email can be found in your inbox when you have accepted all the conditions. Do you care? Are you concerned about these trends? No, because it helps you. It makes your life easier and you don’t need to spend valuable time on silly decisions. Of course, the NSA doesn’t need to know your consumer behaviour, but if it is for your own safety, privacy isn’t an issue.

I challenge you as a Facility Manager to imagine that your guests and customers are your consumers. You have a shop as well, you have a store with products and services. Most of it is available online and preferably bookable online. Imagine what you could offer to your consumers if you started using consumer focused technologies like the IoT, Big Data and Mobilisation… Your guests and customers can be proactively informed about their ideal workplace, in their favourite building. Knowing that their colleagues will starting working in that same spot, enjoying their favourite coffee, without worrying about available parking slots. Interactive kiosk screens are telling them what is the shortest way to the meeting room and presents information about the air quality, temperature, humidity and noise. And oh... the coffee machine is currently being cleaned, so be aware that you have to wait a few minutes before you can have fresh coffee. On their way to the meeting room, their mobile app provides them indoor navigation, information about the waiting time for the coffee machine and which colleagues are already on that floor.

A lot of data is captured in the process I just mentioned, but I am sure that as long as it helps your guests and customers explicitly, these implicit technologies represent a considerable value for you and your Board of Directors.

Do you have what it takes to accept this challenge?

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