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Facility management acronyms – test yourself

The most recent list from IFMA includes 86 management abbreviatons used in the facility management industry, but how many do you know?

Test yourself with these six, but don’t scroll down until you’re ready to see the answers...

  1. SBS
  2. IWMS
  3. CAD
  4. BIM
  5. CIFM
  6. FMS

While acronyms can be a great way to convey messages without using too many words, they can also add to confusion when overused. Due to an ever increasing number of acronyms in the real estate and facility management industry we decided to launch a glossary on Planon’s website.

Admittedly it’s pretty limited at present, but we will be adding to it regularly until it becomes a leading reference source for facility and real estate managers. The idea is that it will help improve clarity around the use of some of the more commonly used acronyms in our industry, as well as providing useful resources to help you in your day to day work.

Did you get all six correct? Well done. If not then how did you score?

  • SBS – Sick Building Syndrome
  • IWMS – Integrated Workplace Management System
  • CAD – Computer Aided Design
  • BIM – Building Information Model
  • CIFM - Computer-Integrated Facility Management
  • FMS - Facility Management Simulation (a game/simulation that introduces students to the field of facility management)

... and don’t worry, just keep an eye on our Glossary page, and look out for future tests ... TTFN.

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