How apps have changed the world (including business and facilities management)

I use apps every day — from the moment my morning alarm app wakes me up, I use them for messaging, social networking, watching videos, reading the news, checking the weather, checking train times/delays — the list goes on. I even have apps that enable me to watch UK TV from my home in Holland (essential for any English expat).

With apps being such an integral part of life, it’s hard to believe that they only became mainstream in the last decade. In comScore’s recent Mobile App report, 2014 became the first year that mobile usage surpassed desktop, with the majority of all digital media time being spent on mobile apps.

How are apps changing the business world?

PC Magazine recently published their list of the 100 best apps for business and productivity, indicating that apps are changing the way we do business with functionality such as voice transcription, 3D scanners, file sharing/synchronisation and note taking.

But what does all of this mean for facility management?

The growing use of smartphones, blurring borders between personal and business mobile usage, and pressures to improve agility and efficiency in utilising facilities and delivering services, have all had an impact on facility management and the role apps play.

GPS location awareness, built-in cameras and QR codes mean that smart phones and apps are increasingly being used in facilities management for employees to:

  • Book meetings rooms and equipment
  • Find colleagues and available workspaces
  • Report an incident by submitting a work order

And for maintenance staff, apps are increasingly being used to:

  • Receive and track maintenance requests
  • Automate health and safety checks to ensure compliance
  • Provide meter readings

If you’d like to see how these apps are being used, feel free to download the Planon Apps for employees or the Mobile Field Services app for maintenance staff.

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