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Planon Mobile Field Services: A digital workspace to enable operational excellence

The goal of companies that pursue operational excellence is to deliver their services to clients at the time needed, with the least effort, and at the price the customer is willing to pay. Achieving operational excellence requires a focus on problem solving and teamwork to effectively implement and continuously improve workflow processes to deliver and grow business value.

Enter the Planon Mobile Field Services application which will enable facility service teams to access the right information at the right time for increased employee productivity, improved service quality and better customer experiences – the building blocks of operational excellence.

Mobile technologies, such as the Planon Mobile Field Service (PMFS) application will be key to any facility service provider’s operational excellence strategy. No more failing to meet time to completion requirements, or arriving on site without the right information, tools, or method statements , or failing to properly perform administrative work.

Requiring frontline facility service teams to remember to manually track materials used and hours worked, should be a thing of the past for firms seeking to achieve operational excellence.

Support field worker excellence with the right mobile workspace

Pursuit of operational excellence requires a facility service provider to empower their its teams to deliver the best possible services. Frontline field workers should not need to re-enter job site information once they are back in the office. With the Planon Mobile Field Services app, facility service providers now have access to a mobile application with features such as work activity checklists, work status updates, and available resources for use with assignments. They also have the ability to request virtual support, get relevant equipment information, prove compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLA), coordinate across multiple colleagues, and receive digital signatures from customers to conclude work orders.

The Planon application is connected to the Planon Facility Services Business Solution, in real time, so that all information is always up to date. This reduces data entry and communication errors. In addition, field workers can access a mobile condition assessor from within the Planon Mobile Field Services app to record additional information about the condition of assets and facilities that may need to be inspected before expensive costs arise.

With the Planon Mobile Field Services application, there is no more need to chase field workers to legibly track the cause of the fault, what was done to resolve the fault, and the materials used. Now, all of this information is digitally captured on site and saved in real-time to the central office. In this way, contract managers can be sure that invoices are accurate the first time they are sent. This results in faster payments, happier contract managers, and ultimately more satisfied clients.

Forward-looking facility service providers will recognise the importance of a mobile field services application in making sure field workers are able to provide the right services, at the right time to minimise business disruption from activities such as unplanned equipment downtime or noticeably unclean workplaces.

Are you ready for operational excellence?

In an industry with tight margins, focusing on achieving operational excellence will enable a facility services provider to cost effectively strengthen its competitive position, grow employee efficiency, reliability, and safety. These firms will be able to adapt to new competitors or the demands of digital transformation to remain resilient and robust. Facility service providers that implement an operational excellence strategy will benefit from efficient workflows which result in the delivery of better customer experiences and greater profitability and business growth.

The Planon Mobile Field Services application is the tool to support facility service providers in their quest for operational excellence. To explore how this can increase your competitive advantage, contact us and request a demo today.

Derrek Clarke, Solution Marketeer at Planon.

Derrek Clarke

Senior Solution Marketer

Derrek Clarke has over 15 years of experience in the building industry. Currently, he is a senior solution marketer at Planon responsible for the positioning of solutions for the facility service provider market.

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