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Facility Management, Technology & the Future of Work

Technology, Facility Management & the Evolving Work Experience

Are you evaluating return-to-work strategies? Looking to build confidence around the technologies and plans your teams choose to implement to deliver safe and healthy work environments post-pandemic?

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The way organisations approach return-to-work challenges now will result in short-term AND long-term effects for real estate and facility managers, HR, IT, workplace strategists, and more. And organisations around the world are testing new approaches every day.

To discuss these new approaches to the future of work and analyse some of the lasting effects we expect to see from the perspective of RE & FM, Planon brought together a panel of experts from Frost & Sullivan, KPMG, Schneider Electric and Philips.

In this session, the panelists explore these topics:

  • The role of technology for successful work experiences post-pandemic
  • Main return-to-work strategies that organisations are using
  • Examples of how organisations are balancing productivity, employee engagement, employee wellbeing, and cost savings post-COVID
  • Top priorities organisations should consider when shifting to a hybrid workforce
  • Examples of pitfalls & triumphs that these panelists have been involved in over the past year of change

Meet our Expert Panel

  • Peter Ankerstjerne, Chief Strategy Officer at Planon and Chairman of the Global Board of Directors at IFMA
  • John Raspin, Partner and Director of Energy & Environment at Frost & Sullivan
  • Brett Spindler, Senior Director Building Enterprise Solutions at Schneider Electric
  • Sander Grünewald, Global Head of Real Estate Advisory at KPMG
  • Henriette Weiss, Global Head of Workplace Solutions at Philips Real Estate
Speakers at the Virtual Roundtable about FM Future Work

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