Webinar - How to fulfil your business objectives

Exclusive market insights for facility management service providers

New research shows that 88% of organisations rate improving service quality a key business objective in determining their outsourcing strategy. In addition, 42% of organisations currently face challenges with their facility management (FM) service provider around service quality. The combination of these two insights is basically an emergency call for improvement.

Planon hosted a webinar together with Verdantix. The independent research and consulting firm conducted market research into the customer world of service providers in Europe to gain insight into the challenges that organisations face when interacting with their service providers. Together we show how service providers can benefit from these insights and demonstrate added value to their customers by improving their processes and aligning their IT strategy with an ever-changing market demand.

In this 45-minute webinar you will learn more about:

  • The major pain points organisations face when interacting with their FM service providers
  • How FM service providers can fulfil their business objectives whilst also improving the relationship with their customers, by using data and technology
  • How a platform like Planon Universe for Service Providers can help solve these challenges

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