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The standardisation and definition of your services offering is the starting point for professional and integrated services management. Registering your services catalogues, cost centres, budgets, service level agreements with your customers, and supply contracts with providers, allows you to support and monitor operational service delivery processes and associated costs and quality. In addition, Planon's software contains preconfigured catalogues and templates to register your external suppliers, internal tradesmen, coordinators and their corresponding areas of responsibility. This allows automated processing and efficient communication with all stakeholders involved. An extensive knowledge base facilitates structured documentation of knowledge and knowhow, making experience easy to share and access for your colleagues, customers and supplier.

Why Planon software

  • Multiple services disciplines including FM, IT and HR combined in one integrated catalogue
  • Flexible SLA definitions to allow deviating terms and conditions by customer
  • Dynamic workflow configuration for approval, communication and execution
  • Extensive monitoring settings for external contracts and Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s)
  • Full logging and audit trail capacity of any change in data, configurations or SLAs

Your benefits

  • Catalogues and workflows drive standardisation and integration of multidisciplinary processes
  • Single input, multiple uses: SLA’s and workflows immediately apply to any service request
  • Easily maintain your service catalogues and SLA’s based on customer feedback and demand
  • Lifecycle tracking on SLA’s and contracts to support historical analysis and future planning
  • Configurability of data and processes ensures a solution that follows your strategy

The Planon Integrated Services Management solution allows you to define and maintain your service offerings from multiple disciplines in one structured services catalogue. By using Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) the specific service delivery terms such as cost, quality and delivery times can be defined and registered by customer. To ensure efficient processing and execution of services, the setup of workflows, authorisation procedures, response times, applicable coordinators, internal tradesmen and external providers is provided by this solution. All catalogues and configurations are immediately taken into account when a customer service request is entered. Standard import templates allow fast and secure upload of any type of data including catalogues or supplier data.

Customer data, such as:

Customer data, such as:

  • Customer type, department, cost centre, contact person, location
  • Employees, contact details, service request authorisations
  • Planon Apps and Planon Self-Service authorisations to allow service access online
Catalogues and SLA data, such as:

Catalogues and SLA data, such as:

  • Services classification, name, type, identification code, status, availability
  • SLA start/end date, customer, cost centre, costs by service, budget
  • Quantity, quality, delivery time and place, terms and conditions
Suppliers and contract data, such as:

Suppliers and contract data, such as:

  • Supplier name, type, status, contact details, vendor rating criteria
  • Contract start/end date, scope, cost, payment mechanisms, terms and conditions
  • Time to start, time to complete, output specifications, quality requirements
Workflows and approval data, such as:

Workflows and approval data, such as:

  • Start to end workflow configuration, full logging of status transitions during execution
  • Approval settings on service types, costs, locations, volumes or a combination
  • Dispatching and communication settings to requesters, coordinators, managers, internal tradesmen or external providers
Budget data, such as:

Budget data, such as:

  • Budget category, type, applicable time period, actual status
  • Budget value, commitments, actual, remaining, history
  • Related services, activities, contracts, cost centres


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