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Often, data about your energy consumption is available, however, typically it's in fragmented sources such as spreadsheets, supplier bills, smart meters or energy management systems. Bringing this data together in a well structured and centralised single database allows you to track and analyse consumption patterns, identify excessive energy use, and compare buildings over time. This solution supports initial and periodical import of existing data-sources and easy integrations with smart meters or energy management systems. This ensures a maximised re-use of existing data and a compliant process of registration and reporting. Key in this solution is the use of standardised classifications such as impact areas, energy labels and assessment methods, as well as the use of influencing parameters including emission factors, degree days and cost profiles. This makes the final output reliable, consistent, and truly comparable.

Why Planon software

  • Standard data import templates and web services to connect smart meters, BMS or EMS
  • Standard PDF import function for BREEAM-In-Use assessments
  • Impact areas, assessment methods, cost profiles, and conversion rates can easily be configured within the solution
  • A standard connector to can automatically import heating and cooling day values
  • Both building and asset related sustainability data as well as department related data are supported from within one integrated solution

Your benefits

  • Data in one integrated solution reduces data maintenance effort
  • Automated consumption validation supports easy detection of excessive usage
  • Automated bill and consumption validation reduces administrative control and effort
  • Import and integration tools guarantee maximised re-use of existing data
  • Catalogues and selection lists drive standardisation and increase reporting quality

The Planon Sustainability Management solution collects and registers all relevant consumption data including energy readings, gas consumption, water usage, waste disposals, and travelling impact in a structured and single integrated database. Data can be entered manually or be imported from existing data sources such as bills, smart meters or specific energy management systems. Next to consumption data, also the carbon emission conversion rates, cost profiles and heating/cooling days are registered to ensure a reliable benchmarking and compliant emissions reporting. For building assessments and audits, the solution stores all relevant maintenance documentation, process descriptions, checklists and executed improvement measures.

Basic impact data, such as:

Basic impact data, such as:

  • Structured breakdown of energy sources and impact areas, by default based on Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • CO2 emission factors per impact area and period of time
  • Cost profiles by impact area, costs per unit, and applicable period of the day or week such as peak hours and night tariffs
Meters, gauges and consumption readings, such as:

Meters, gauges and consumption readings, such as:

  • Location, asset, meter type, ID, impact area, cost profiles
  • Consumption readings or registrations, applicable date, time and period
  • Calculated volumes, calculated costs, calculated carbon emissions
Sustainable property data, such as:

Sustainable property data, such as:

  • Specific property dimensions, activity, occupancy and workplace data
  • Applicable weather stations, identification codes, cooling days, heating days
  • General reduction targets, applicable impact areas, targeted consumption, emissions and cost reduction
Audit data, such as:

Audit data, such as:

  • Assessment structures and questionnaires based on BREEAM-In-Use, LEED existing buildings and other market standards
  • Applicable location, maximum scores, actual assessment scores and populated scores on all levels
  • Workflow status by assessment, question, assessor, relevant evidence and planned actions
Projects and measures, such as:

Projects and measures, such as:

  • Measurement libraries with standard costs, potential cost savings and emission reductions
  • Projects including measures, work breakdown structures, planned start/end date, planned budgets, planned savings, actual budgets, status information
  • Applicable location, asset, meter, supervisor, tradesman or service provider


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