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This app supports the creation of digital twins of existing buildings by integrating the use of Leica Geosystems’ geospatial reality capture and cloud-based visualisation and collaboration tool into Planon Universe.

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Key features

Process optimisation:

  • Ability to directly import assets from TruView into Planon (3D inventory) for detailed insights into buildings and assets
  • Ability to directly import assets from Planon into TruView for visual localisation of specific assets and state-of-the-art 3D navigation through buildings

Cost savings:

  • Reduced need for property managers to conduct on-site inspections
  • If interventions are necessary, they can be prepared in advance so that on-site activities can be carried out much more efficiently


Import of assets (GeoTags) in TrueView to Planon, based on GeoTags that are linked to the corresponding 'SetupID'. GeoTag in TrueView with link to Planon (PSS page with Asset Information). Identification with TrueView 'SetupID' and direct focussing on the selected asset in Planon (link from Planon to TrueView). Identification with TrueView 'SetupID' and Trueview details of spaces and workspaces in Planon (link from Planon to Trueview).


Version of the app:


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