Blogs | 16/03/2017
What are the implications for real estate managers of the changing role of the university campus?

The role of the university campus is in constant flux due to the changing needs of its visitors. How should real estate managers respond to this? 

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Blogs | 08/12/2016
The Internet of Things breaks down the barrier between creative capacity and true innovation

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), many devices are equipped with sensors that generate a wealth of data, also known as big data. What does that mean for the way scientist conduct research? And what new insight and innovations does all this data deliver? 

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Blogs | 17/11/2016
Good preparation is half the work, for both football and facility managers

Whether it’s the manager of a football team or a facility manager, both must be able to anticipate unexpected situations. With sufficient insight and the right tools to hand, they can. 

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