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Blogs | 23/06/2016
Productivity vs. The Pecking Order

Ideas come from people, not companies—and the best ideas emerge the quickest when people are free to communicate and collaborate. A workspace that is... 

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Blogs | 14/04/2016
A simplistic sustainability truth

For Earth Day this year (April 22nd), I want to revisit a concept that Planon wrote a lot about last year. My colleague Sanne Oostendorp wondered whether… 

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Blogs | 25/06/2015
Airplanes are still not flexible when it comes to working

On a recent flight from Boston to Seattle, I was struck by how difficult it is to actually get work done on a plane. I wanted to have a Skype meeting, but you’re surrounded by people. The noise is… 

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Blogs | 30/04/2015
Typical USA: What floor am I on?

When I first moved to Boston last year, there were several things I had to get used to: tipping culture, turning right on red, different food…and the complete lack of a ground floor… 

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