Blogs | 20/07/2017
Everything becomes software

While hardware was playing the upperhand during the nineties, the potential of software was hardly being recognised. That’s all different these days. 

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Blogs | 07/04/2016
Don’t do what the customer asks for. Instead, give him what he really needs

‘Things are really well organised here!’ Every Planon employee was amazed at our recent annual internal kick-off at Achmea’s offices. From the welcome to... 

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Blogs | 24/03/2016
Comparison websites: will we soon be comparing IWMS suppliers online?

You know those comfy chairs that you sometimes see in shops, right by the fitting rooms? They are simply a great idea. ‘This shop manager gets it’ I always think… 

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Blogs | 17/09/2015
What do a flight and day-to-day facilities challenges have in common

Last year I went with my family to the splendid Cap d’Agde in the south of France. We arranged and booked everything in advance. From flights and accommodation, to the highlights we… 

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Blogs | 13/08/2015
Shopping for software without any worries

When the internet bubble burst at the end of 2000, there was a significant decline in optimism in the internet sector. But now, fifteen years later, it has become clear that… 

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Blogs | 09/07/2015
Visiting a client: why hospitality wins over customer focus

I recently had an appointment with Dutch pensions insurer PGGM. The day before the appointment I received a personal email from my contact confirming the appointment, with directions and… 

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