Blogs | 28/03/2019
What if robots break something during maintenance?

Imagine that you’ve deployed a robot to carry out a maintenance job on a property or to a piece of equipment inside the property, and the robot breaks something… 

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Blogs | 26/04/2018
Digitalising field service operations? Get started today!

Efficient field service management is more than just digital work order dispatching from the back office to internal trades or external field technicians. The opportunities in field service operations to improve reliability, safety and operational profitability are endless. 

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Blogs | 03/08/2017
From reactive to proactive maintenance: how maintenance plans are becoming superfluous

The use of sensors will let organisations predict the right maintenance moment, letting them switch over time from reactive to proactive maintenance. 

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Blogs | 08/06/2017
7 problems which can be avoided with sound asset management

No insight into the number of business assets and their quality? Asset management is a basis for gaining more control over this. 

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Blogs | 11/08/2016
Pay as much attention to your sensors as you do to your dog

Using sensors is a much discussed topic in the field of Facility Management. Sensors provide organisations with information on buildings or assets, and they enable areas such as… 

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Blogs | 19/05/2016
Is the Internet of Things a 'game changer' for managing buildings and building-related installations?

IoT developments are making real-time measurement possible for facility managers, enabling immediate intervention if the situation requires it. 

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Blogs | 24/09/2015
Is a field engineer ever actually offline?

A field engineer without a mobile or internet connection in 2015 is a bit like someone going on road trip without a sat nav. You know you could probably manage without it, but in reality you… 

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Blogs | 26/03/2015
Five tips to speed up fault report handling

Are you amongst those who struggle to deal with fault reports in good time? Do you wonder how you are still going to fulfil Service Level Agreements (SLAs)? Do you sometimes close reports before… 

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Blogs | 02/12/2014
Help! A robot is going to steal my job

The 2012 Swedish television series Äkta människor (aired in English-speaking countries as Real Humans) shows how society has to adapt after the arrival of commercial robots. In the series… 

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