Blogs | 18/06/2015
Planning for the future – without a crystal ball

Facility management and real estate, like most jobs, requires an element of future planning to meet the changing needs of your organisation. But without resorting to tarot cards, crystal balls or… 

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Blogs | 16/04/2015
How apps have changed the world (including business and facilities management)

Smartphones and mobile apps play an important role in modern facility management for completing work orders and maintenance management on-the-go. 

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Blogs | 12/03/2015
Board room buy-in: Tips for real estate and facility managers

All too often real estate and facility managers are excluded from board room decisions, or added as an after thought once core decisions have been made. Considering buildings are often a… 

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Blogs | 12/02/2015
Facility management acronyms – test yourself

The most recent list from IFMA includes 86 acronyms from the facility management industry, but how many do you know?... 

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Blogs | 29/07/2014
Facilities management and social media - what do you need to know?

In any industry that changes as rapidly as facilities management, it is vital to keep track of the latest news and developments. In the 'old days' traditional media would be the first source of… 

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