Blogs | 04/02/2016
Smart travelling / Smart working

As a student I was pretty good at sensing just where to stand on the platform to line up with the train doors. That meant that no matter how… 

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Blogs | 14/01/2016
No bad blood in the workplace with technology from Spectre

Injecting nanotechnology into someone’s blood to track where he/she is physically as well as their mental state; is it really science fiction? In the latest Spectre movie… 

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Blogs | 22/10/2015
Five reasons why you should implement an IWMS

The challenges for international businesses when deciding to carry out an international software implementation are great. These types of projects will encompass multiple sites, multiple countries, and therefore multiple cultures, specific legislations and local business customs add fundamental challenges to the project. Therefore the question “Why did we embark this international implementation project?” will pop up many times during the project. 

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Blogs | 08/10/2015
SaaS versus Cloud Computing: What’s the difference?

Learn more about important terms such as Cloud Computing and SaaS and understand the difference between the two. 

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Blogs | 16/07/2015
Your building is smarter than you think

In German trains the availability of seats is shown on a small screen, using the reservations information. Travellers getting aboard without a booking can see whether a seat has been reserved for... 

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Blogs | 09/04/2015
IT - the new game changer in the service providers industry

Have you ever watched relay races carefully? Being one of my favourite sports, I get impressed again and again by the balanced teamwork and precision that is needed to win such a race. Handing over… 

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Blogs | 24/03/2014
Predict the future with Big (Fast, Varied) Data

‘Big Data’ is probably one of the biggest buzz words in IT right now. At the same time, it is often a misunderstood discipline, starting with the definition. Big Data is not just about… 

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