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Blogs | 31/08/2017
An IWMS as your organisation's Citadel

Because organisations keep on growing, the amount of processes and data increases. An IWMS can be your very own Citadel and helps you to see the full picture. 

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Blogs | 20/07/2017
Everything becomes software

While hardware was playing the upperhand during the nineties, the potential of software was hardly being recognised. That’s all different these days. 

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Blogs | 20/04/2017
Bring Your Own Device is so 2016 – get ready for Bring Your Own Bot

Where organisations originally had to deal with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), it won’t be too long before they need to be ready for BYOB (Bring Your Own Bot). 

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Blogs | 08/12/2016
The Internet of Things breaks down the barrier between creative capacity and true innovation

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), many devices are equipped with sensors that generate a wealth of data, also known as big data. What does that mean for the way scientist conduct research? And what new insight and innovations does all this data deliver? 

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Blogs | 17/11/2016
Good preparation is half the work, for both football and facility managers

Whether it’s the manager of a football team or a facility manager, both must be able to anticipate unexpected situations. With sufficient insight and the right tools to hand, they can. 

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Blogs | 27/10/2016
How my own car shows that the IoT is fulfilling its promise

Deploying the IoT using sensors ensures that a building is always in good condition. With fixed service intervals, the end result is often not the optimum. Scheduled maintenance can lead... 

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Blogs | 15/09/2016
Pokémon Go in practice: old ideas giving way to new

What began as a peaceful day on the beach, ended in relative chaos. There I was, playing with my children building the best sandcastle ever, when literally hundreds of people went… 

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Blogs | 11/08/2016
Pay as much attention to your sensors as you do to your dog

Using sensors is a much discussed topic in the field of Facility Management. Sensors provide organisations with information on buildings or assets, and they enable areas such as… 

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Blogs | 19/05/2016
Is the Internet of Things a 'game changer' for managing buildings and building-related installations?

IoT developments are making real-time measurement possible for facility managers, enabling immediate intervention if the situation requires it. 

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