Blogs | 22/03/2018
Space utilisation: main priority for Real Estate and Facility Management in 2018

In its ‘Green Quadrant IWMS’ report, research firm Verdantix shares insights into the overall strategic priorities for real estate and facilities teams. One of the main priorities is Space Utilisation, where Planon will share some thoughts on. 

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Blogs | 25/01/2018
The role of the Internet of Things in attracting and retaining talent

How can real estate and facility managers increase employee engagement, attract, and retain talent and what is the role technology plays in all that? 

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Blogs | 16/11/2017
Why technology is not just a ‘driver’ of change in the workplace, but also an ‘enabler’

Drawing up a workplace strategy must be a shared responsibility between real estate, facility, HR and IT managers. 

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Blogs | 02/11/2017
How do real estate and facility managers create the best possible Workplace Experience for millennials?

What should a facility manager take into account now that the number of millennials preparing to enter the workforce is growing? 

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Blogs | 19/10/2017
3 developments causing the Real Estate and Facility Management domain to change

Facility and property managers should take three underlying developments into account to explain how their domain is changing over the next five years. 

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Blogs | 28/09/2017
If you want something done well, outsource it

From a functional perspective, the service provider industry has very specific and extensive requirements for software to manage core business operations. 

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Blogs | 26/04/2017
3 steps to take to meet the new lease accounting standards compliance deadline

There will be much change in lease accounting from 1 January 2019. Learn which 3 steps to take to ensure your organisation will be compliant in time. 

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Blogs | 13/04/2017
Why the new lease accounting rules should mean real estate and finance managers joining forces

The new lease accounting rules mean that a real estate and finance manager need each other more than ever before. Collaboration is the key to success 

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Blogs | 16/03/2017
What are the implications for real estate managers of the changing role of the university campus?

The role of the university campus is in constant flux due to the changing needs of its visitors. How should real estate managers respond to this? 

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