Blogs | 09/03/2017
How new lease accounting standards will impact your business

There will be much change in lease accounting from 1 January 2019. How will the new lease accounting standards impact your business? 

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Blogs | 02/03/2017
Will you be ready in time for the new lease accounting standards?

There will be much change in lease accounting from 1 January 2019. What actually is lease accounting? And what exactly is going to change? 

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Blogs | 09/02/2017
Are you ready for the Internet of Money?

All industries will be affected by a new layer of the internet, called the Internet of Money, but nothing has more potential to be transformed than real estate. 

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Blogs | 26/01/2017
Avoid investing blindly in building expansion

Universities often don’t have enough space for the number of students. How then can they optimise the occupancy of the available space and facilities? 

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Blogs | 27/10/2016
How my own car shows that the IoT is fulfilling its promise

Deploying the IoT using sensors ensures that a building is always in good condition. With fixed service intervals, the end result is often not the optimum. Scheduled maintenance can lead... 

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Blogs | 21/07/2016
Tales on IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT)… I cannot think of any other more widely discussed topic in our field of work today. My mailbox is effectively being spammed with loads... 

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Blogs | 28/04/2016
What real estate management and facility management can learn from marketing

Our entire market principle rests on two cornerstones: supply and demand. The place where these two meet is where economic transactions happen - and where we… 

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Blogs | 10/09/2015
Is sustainability expensive? After all, aren’t you funding it from saved energy costs?

The newspapers are full of it: ‘We have to achieve sustainability’. Organisations are under pressure to reduce costs while still achieving sustainability targets. This is one of the most significant… 

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Blogs | 16/07/2015
Your building is smarter than you think

In German trains the availability of seats is shown on a small screen, using the reservations information. Travellers getting aboard without a booking can see whether a seat has been reserved for... 

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