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Blogs | 09/04/2015
IT - the new game changer in the service providers industry

Have you ever watched relay races carefully? Being one of my favourite sports, I get impressed again and again by the balanced teamwork and precision that is needed to win such a race. Handing over… 

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Blogs | 26/03/2015
Five tips to speed up fault report handling

Are you amongst those who struggle to deal with fault reports in good time? Do you wonder how you are still going to fulfil Service Level Agreements (SLAs)? Do you sometimes close reports before… 

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Blogs | 05/03/2015
Facility Management beyond the building – three key trends to watch out for

As the field of facility management and corporate real estate continues to evolve, the responsibilities of facility managers keep changing as well. What are the key trends that… 

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Blogs | 19/02/2015
Making the most of studying, in 2015-style

Sunday evening, on the train back to Nijmegen – the Dutch city where you live in house shares and enjoy the student life. While the train traverses the countryside, your thoughts stray to… 

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Blogs | 24/03/2014
Predict the future with Big (Fast, Varied) Data

‘Big Data’ is probably one of the biggest buzz words in IT right now. At the same time, it is often a misunderstood discipline, starting with the definition. Big Data is not just about… 

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