Blogs | 05/11/2019
Who should own the Building Internet of Things?

As more IoT-related responsibilities arise and mature, so does the need for a new role that blends IT and Facility Management to manage them. 

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Blogs | 31/08/2017
An IWMS as your organisation's Citadel

Because organisations keep on growing, the amount of processes and data increases. An IWMS can be your very own Citadel and helps you to see the full picture. 

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Blogs | 04/05/2017
Why most real estate managers still need to get used to a digital model called BIM

BIM offers plenty of possibilities for Corporate Real Estate. However, in order to get the most out of it, real estate managers need time to adjust. 

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Blogs | 16/02/2017
BIM: Big Information Mess?

Due to its complexity, BIM technology has yet to be widely adopted, but industries such as facility management are starting to see its great potential. 

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Blogs | 07/07/2016
Technology in the movies: a preview of future Facilities Management organisations?

Ever since I was a child, I have enjoyed watching action movies of the ‘breakout or break-in’ genre. I learned from this that the integration of information on… 

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Blogs | 30/06/2016
Building Information Modelling – When should Facility Managers get involved?

A short while ago I was talking with a Head of Hard FM at a large international organisation who has a good understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM). He... 

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Blogs | 12/02/2015
Facility management acronyms – test yourself

The most recent list from IFMA includes 86 acronyms from the facility management industry, but how many do you know?... 

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Blogs | 12/11/2014
BREEAM - Don’t become fixated on that plaque beside the door

Hallmarks often serve an important purpose. But if organisations become fixated on achieving a hallmark merely to display it to the outside world, then they are defeating the… 

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Blogs | 28/05/2014
A BIM in the management phase? Start with these six questions

The Building Information Model (BIM) seems unstoppable. This digital, three-dimensional model is gaining popularity during the design and realisation of buildings, and contains more and more… 

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