Blogs | 01/07/2020
A race to the cloud

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud infrastructure and application services is accelerating. More than ever before organisations are seeking the security, cost savings, and flexibility of cloud-based software solutions. 

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Blogs | 01/09/2016
Carefree driving on the road to the Cloud

There was a time when we used to buy a car and then drive around in that same car for years, whereas these days cars keep being updated with the latest software long after we’ve bought them. However… 

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Blogs | 21/04/2016
The Cloud, a passing technical fad?

Everyone’s talking about the Cloud. Until recently, I thought it was just a passing technical fad. Just like a few years ago, when suddenly everything had to be web-based. It… 

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Blogs | 08/10/2015
SaaS versus Cloud Computing: What’s the difference?

Learn more about important terms such as Cloud Computing and SaaS and understand the difference between the two. 

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Blogs | 11/05/2015
A new Pope as evidence of an IT revolution

You won’t understand me if you haven’t seen the pictures yet. Two photos, taken from exactly the same place – St. Peter’s Square in Rome – during the announcement of a new Pope. One comes from… 

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